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PikaShow Vs LokLok (Which One is Best) Detailed Guide – 2024

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: January 28, 2024

Comparison between Pikashow vs LokLok apps

Pikashow is one of the most popular streaming apps of this century. Pikashow have almost covered every aspect for users convenience. Now it is considered among top downloaded streaming apps on google play store. Pikashow is continuously working on its entertainment quality and quantity for fun seekers. On the other hand Loklok is also a streaming app that offers offline and live streaming. It provides enormous facilities to the viewers who are interested in watching videos. In this era of revelry  these two streaming apps are working side by side. Which one is the best streaming app for users is still unclear to us. So the following facts will help us to reveal this. 

Pikashow is an Indian streaming app launched a few years ago  but now it’s popular among millions of followers. In a very short period of time it has won the hearts of fun lovers. In contrast the  Loklok app has conceded a strong  portfolio globally within a short time. It got registered on Google Play Store a few years back. It offers lag free streams.

PikaShow Vs LokLok

As we all know that every app has its own few distinguishing features that makes it different from others. Well there is no need to compare and analyze these streaming apps but for our viewers we will give a detailed analysis of both. Because it’s the only way for streamers to get their most relevant app easily. Meanwhile Pikashow vs. Loklok has no distinctions in particular plot.


Globally Pikashow and LokLok both apps are highly knowledgeable and considered as identical streaming apps. Rather than both have several multiple viewing capabilities.

When we go through the streaming functions of both they enfold custom-made movies along with 24/7 support.


If we focus on the genuine difference between Pikashow and LokLok apps  is their official availability to users. We can easily free download the LokLok app from the Google Play Store but Pikashow is completely different to it in this scenario. 

Yes , absolutely you get it right. Pikashow is not available at Google Play Store due to some content allegations. So, streamers have to download this app from some other sources which might be risky. You can say that this is one of the con of the Pikashow app. But you can Download PikaShow from our Website with any risk.

Co-shared streaming features

Navigation Panels

User experience is firstly considered as the best developer for both apps. Their smooth navigation panels and polyglot web flows are equipping their highly optimized interfaces.

Huge Movies Collection

Both apps cover every fictional genre and category of film. No doubt both apps have a massive gallery of unmatchable historical, iconic, traditional, horror, movies from worldwide film industry.

Exclusive Content Coverage

Apart from the movies collection these identical apps are full of entertaining stuff. These are providing HD quality Indian, Korean,japanese, Chinese dramas , series , documentaries ans sports from all over the World.

Customized Opportunities

As we already discussed both apps are offering similar features and few differences on customization basis. These differences include media players attachment, playlist, subtitles, downloading of videos and background themes.

Ads- Interrupted Streaming

As all other streaming apps Pikashow and LokLok apps stream third party adverts to sustain their streaming business. Streamers have to face an ad before streaming and there is no other option to skip it at all.

Official Support

Both apps are officially registered where streamers can complain and upgrade their usage plans.

Select the best between Pikashow & LokLok apps

To find out the best streaming app, overlook the given dissimilarities and  you get to know why Pikashow outshines the LokLok app?

Range of streaming content

Pikashow crosses the LokLok app by its diverse streaming channels. It provides thousands of live TV channels , live Sports streams and relevant on demand content. On the other hand, the LokLok app cannot beat it. 

Loklok Streaming App

Value Ad services

Pikashow is a desirable app in the sense of ad streaming.it has a mild decent added interface. 

Meanwhile, the LokLok app gets a bit trickier when using this app through androids. 

Integration of OTT Platforms

In contrast the LokLok app contains Movies collection, series, songs while Pikashow goes a mile ahead with corporations of OTT platforms streams like Amazon, +Hotstar, Netflix and so many. 

Global Accessibility 

LokLok app is a Worldwide accessible streaming app while Pikasshow is banned in a few countries due to some content allegations.
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Streaming Quality

Pikasshow is considered superior over the LokLok app due to its visual quality. When you go through it you will find that Pikashow offers wide streaming options but it’s limited in some perspectives. 

User Privacy

If we compare privacy challenges LokLok is the best streaming app while Pikahow isn’t confidential due to its outreach sources.
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Meanwhile LokLok is a better streaming app due to its custom-made structure. But Pikahow is considered as one of the  best streaming apps due to its high quality videos and wide variety of content apart from its privacy.