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Is PikaShow a Safe Streaming App? Deep Analysis and Facts

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: December 16, 2023

Is the PikaShow a safe streaming app? Is it true that third-party apps steal our data and sell it on the dark web? How can we come to know if the app is safe to use or not? You also want to know the answer to these questions. You are at the right place, Today in this article we are going to deeply examine the streaming app that is famous for its huge quality of content that is Pikashow, and find out whether it is safe to use or not.

So stick with us till the end of this article to learn about the facts and safety of the privacy of the best streaming app, Pikashow.

Brief Intro to Pikashow

If you don’t know what Pikashow is? Allow me to give you a brief introduction to it. It is an Indian-origin streaming app with a lot of premium streaming qualities and features.

Pikashow a safe streaming app

It is obvious that the question arises in your mind. What is new in the Pikashow that is not in the other streaming apps? What is the thing that makes Pikashow exclusive to other streaming apps? Before going back to our main topic let me tell you that Piashow rules all its competitors and counterparts in the world of streaming apps as it offers all its content or entertainment media or its top-quality premium features free of cost. Yeah! You got that right free of cost…. Without even a single penny, Maybe that’s enough for the basic introduction of Pikashow and its fame in the streaming market and its reason.Now let’s get back to our topic which is the “Risks of the Pikashow app. Security and privacy data safety”.

Is Pikashow Unsafe? Deep analysis

According to the latest research of our team and the deep study and analysis of the user feedback and reviews we have come to know that “Pikashow is unsafe to use”. However, we cannot mark these as the final statement about the Pikashow. Let me share the main aspects that show the Pikashow to be unsafe:

Availability on Google Play Store:-

The prime aspect for the Pikashow to be unsafe is that it is not available on the Google Play Store. This makes this a vindictive app. According to the latest findings and research, it is found that the app does not meet the “Google requirement of security and Privacy Policies”,  that is the so-called reason that is available on different platforms as the app is unavailable on the Google Play Store.

Why Pikshow is not available on the Play Store?

Court Banned:-

In recent information, it is given that Pikashow and all its services were Banned in India even being an Indian Originated app by the High Court of the Dehli upon the application against the privacy and security of several streaming apps,

No-Uninstallation Option:-

It is also heard that most of the user of the Pikashow app claims that the Pikashow do not have the Uninstallation option. This means if they install the app on their device then they cannot uninstall it.Most users use third-party software to uninstall it. if it is true then the app should be marked as a red flag and keep in the malware category malware of the device a red flag.

Third-Party source downloading:-

Due to the unavailability of the Pikashow app on the Play Store, users have to download it from third-party sources like websites, Apk app sites, etc. downloading the apps or anything from third-party sources enhances the privacy risks as these sites provide malware links to steal your data.

Customer support closed:-

When the Pikashow is banned by the High Court of the Dehli, then its official customer support is closed. It’s been a prime aspect of this app for the 24/7 support for their users before their ban, but now it’s been a negative aspect of the app.

Bad review on social platforms:-

For the search for information on the legal status, our team has visited various social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc. They found the negative reviews of the Pikashow app as well.

Reasons to choose Pikashow: Unraveling the Truth

For a better analysis, it is necessary to discuss the Pros of Pikashow in order to balance the positive and negative sides of the app, which helps you to analyze the app better.

Free of Cost Streaming:-

Pikashow has as its positive aspect a streaming app, which provides all its content and streaming alongside its prime features free of cost. Without even spending a single penny, you can enjoy the streaming as compared to the other streaming apps that charge for their content to stream.

All in one entertainment Package:-

Pikashow provides an all-in-one entertainment package offering all the media content related to movies, web series, Dramas, documentaries, Live sports streaming, News channels streaming, Turkish and Indian dramas, etc.

Official Claim by the developer:-

The developers of this app are very active in updating the features of the app and adding new late and trending media to the app. Developers of the app also claim officially that the app is secure for the user as their information and all the data is not leaked and is 100% safe.

No extension or assisting app is required:-

There is no requirement for an extension and assisting app to install and run the Pikashow app as its downloading procedure is very simple and easy, and the download link is available on our website.

Our Expert Opinion

In the end, we’d like to share the opinion of our experts who personally installed the app enquired deeply, and gave us the original facts about the working and performance of the app.

Note that you may disagree with the facts provided as these facts are observed as uni-based.

Safe Streaming app:-

Pikashow is a safe streaming app with all its premium features if it is used sensibly, means that you can use the app with the precaution of privacy such as using a secondary account and scanning the app with anti-virus and anti-malware software in order to get your account secured.

Required Permission:-

According to our experts, this app demands some permission after installation such as contact access, media access location, etc. You can disallow the permission to the app in order to keep your data safe rather app still working.

Security Pop-up:- 

The main concern of every user and even our experts is the security pop-up notification that appears when the app is downloaded from a Google Protected Website. You do not need to worry about that pop-up, it’s a general measure of security it is generally not worth it at all.

Redirects to third-party websites:-

When our research team tries to watch the World Cup 2023, It redirects us to third-party websites for streaming, as an integral part of every streaming app. But during the redirection the privacy risks are high.


There is no best replacement for the Pikashow app as it is the only streaming app that provides all its content with its premium features without any cost. Other paid and possible alternatives for the Pikashow are Hotstar, Amazon Prime, MoviesGo, Netflix, CinemaHD, etc.

For your information, Pikashow is an advertisement-based app that earns its living by displaying paid advertisements during your stream. In return, the advertisers pay the developers of the Pikashow app to run their advertisements and Pikashow does not charge its valuable users for streaming like other streaming apps.

You can download the latest version of the Pikashow app directly from our website which provides a 100% secure and safe anti-ban mod for the app. We have also provided a detailed installation guide for the app on our website.


Briefly, we have tried our best to give you a detailed and informative article regarding the safety and security of the app in order to clarify all your doubts. Meanwhile, our research could be so smoggy because the mix reviews of from their user about the legality of the app has blended our thoughts and made it difficult for us to mark the Pikashow app as harmful.

This confusion was cleared out by the order of the Dehli High Court. states that the Pikashow steals the data of the user, which is a prime concern, However, there is nothing to do with the privacy data of the users.

All the team worked and researched for hours in order to provide you with more accurate information and data in this article regarding the privacy and security of the app. You can support us by adding our website to your home screen shortcut adding it to the bookmarks and allowing the notification so that you will be notified whenever we publish a new article on our website.