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Best Apps to Watch IPL 2024 LIVE Streaming on Mobile/TV/PC

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: December 12, 2023

The most popular league of Indian Cricket is Indian Premier League IPL also known as TATA IPL. It is annually held in India as the most popular men’s Twenty20 cricket league. The Indian Premier League was started in 2008 by the Indian Cricket Board. In a very short period of time the tournament got an international portfolio. After its success it reached an international peak. It is ranked as the 6th sports league. In 2023 IPL sold its media rights for US$6.4 billion till 2027. The upcoming 16th successful edition of the Indian Premier League will be held in India with the collaboration of top 10 cricket franchises.

As we all know that cricket fans are full around the globe. So fans are anxiously waiting for the 16th edition of Indian Premier League which will be held in 2024. So they are conscious  regarding the best apps to watch IPL live Streaming in 2024. So for all cricket lovers this article will be helpful.

As its popularity increases day by day, fan following also increases. For this grand tournament media coverage is also working massively. The event is captured through multiple telecommunication platforms, like Indian Sports Channels , Satellite transmissions, Dish Channels, and over the web as well. 2024 IPL tournament transmission through Live streaming will be the one of major proceedings. 

Best Apps to Watch IPL

If we specify our discussion on the ways of watching the IPL 2024 through streaming apps ,it’s very straightforward. Meanwhile for the fans the actual struggle is to find out the best screaming app to watch  IPL 2024 so they can enjoy it. Entertainment industry is offering hundreds of options of  live streaming. Every platform is offering almost the same features and services.

So viewers, don’t get confused in the selection of the best streaming app for IPL 2024 in your Androids and Pcs. Just stick with this article till the end and we will suggest you the best streaming apps with its features and their pros and cons. We will also discuss their Free and Paid Modes. 

Reasons for Watching IPL Live Streaming via Apps

Before going deep into the topic , we will just overview a few reasons and benefits of selecting  Android Streaming Apps as a major resource of entertainment. After that we will briefly discuss IPL Streaming Apps.

Real Time Streaming

The selection of Streaming apps for Androids is very common nowadays. Basically you are just one click away from downloading the streaming app to watch IPL 2024.

Watch IPL Anywhere Without TV

Like TV that confines you to sitting in front of TV for many hours to watch your favorite shows or lIve streams of sports, the streaming apps give you ease in watching anywhere anytime. You just need a compatible device and a stable internet connection for it.

HD Quality Streams

IOS Streaming apps give you high HD Quality results as compared to TV channels.This is one of the best benefits of watching IPL  through IOS apps. These apps enhance your live experience and you enjoy the game more than casual ways of watching live sports.


Use of Streaming Apps directly gives benefits to users. Because in this time of competition between different streaming apps most of them just cut their prices up to 50% to increase their user rate. Through this trick they try to attract more and more users. So without breaking your banks users can enjoy IPL 2024 streams easily

Massive Compatibility Opportunities

Mostly we observed that few apps are just workable for top-notch devices like iPhone Models, IOS-oriented devices, Computers, PCs and highly recommended window installed laptops. Keeping in view all above mentioned features these Streaming Apps are designed highly compatible for every device.

People Like to Watch Movies Online, IPL Live

Watching movies online is the best option on streaming apps. Mostly people prefer IPL Live streaming and watching movies as well.

Best Paid IPL Streaming Apps

There is no doubt that watching the Premium Indian Premier league is costly. Apart from its cost. A few apps offer a pocket friendly budget. So views no need to worry at all. Here are a few top listed android apps to watch IPL2024 are mentioned for you.

Disney + Hotstar

Disney + Hotstar is one of the official Indian Streaming Apps for IPL 2024. As we all know that this is one of the Star platforms of entertainment. It offers the best quality streams for fans. Its services are available at just 399.

Disney + Hotstar App for IPL

Airtel TV

Airtel TV doesn’t need any introduction. It has been leading one of the Indian origin TV shows for many years of its best services. During the Indian Premier League it offers the lowest rate just 299 for best quality IPL Streaming worldwide. 

Watch IPL on Airtel TV


SonyLIV is one of the other best choices for IPL 2024. It is a completely trustworthy hookup option for Live IPL streaming. Worldwide it is accessible for all cricket lovers at just 299 per month. 

Watch IPL on SonyLIV


JioTV provides live telecasts of cricket matches in India. It is  not an official live streaming platform but it offers live sports and IPL for users. Its fan following are mostly from the sports lovers because surprisingly it offers Live streaming of matches in just 99 INR.  

Watch IPL on JioTV


YupTV is considered as a best option for the international followers of the Indian Premier League. It is one of the reliable streaming app for cricket lovers. This platform provides quality services in european , Asian countries for its followers.

Watch IPL on YuppTV

How To Watch IPL Live_ Best Apps to Watch IPL Streaming Apps (FREE)

It will definitely surprise you that few Indian streaming Apps are offering IPl Live free of cost. It is important to mention that these apps are compatible with premium ones but the bad side is these are Ads-based business platforms. That may pinch your nerves during the Live IPl 2024 streaming.

Watch IPL free on PikaShow


If you want to enjoy IPL 2024 without paying a single penny, The PikaShow App is one of the best options for you. It is an admirable and accessible app for all IPL lovers worldwide. So you can enjoy your live streaming and highlights of the matches on the PikaShow app.

Watch IPL Free on ThopTV


ThopTV is an Indian streaming app. This platform is specifically for many sports channels. When you go through it , it will directly take you to sports platforms. So you can easily watch live streaming.
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Watch IPL Free on CricTime


cricTime is a trustworthy streaming website for matches, especially cricket. Recently it launched a Live Cricket Streaming App. This app is specifically for IPL, so you can watch IPL 2024 from any part of this world.  This app is a pure dedication for the Indian Premier League. 

Watch IPL Free on CricHD


cricHD is another dedication to the Indian Premier League. You can easily download this app from Google Play Store. This is another app to watch quality Live streaming of Ipl 2024.


It is one of the best free Live streaming apps for sports including Indian Premier League. It provides the best free transmission of IPL to fans in Pakistan and other Asian countries. Meanwhile it works all around the world

Why Do People Like Pikashow?

In this article we discussed the best streaming app for IPL 2024 with and without cost. Pikashow is one of the quality streaming Apps for IPL lovers because it gives a quality HD streaming free of cost around the globe. Meanwhile it is a compatible app for the top-notch devices like Android, iPhone, Mac, TV, PC and laptops. Apart from its features it also provides so many functions of notification and alerts of news.You must choose official ways to watch Indian Premier League 2024 live streaming through paid or unpaid streaming apps. Pikashow offers quality content and videos to its viewers that might be worthwhile for fans because it’s free of cost.

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