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PikaShow Vs ThopTV: Which one is the Best for you (2024)

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: December 16, 2023

Are you too confused like others between choosing the best streaming apps as the best competitors of each other as; Pikashow vs ThopTv? Today, I am going to help you to resolve this confusion with a detailed guided comparison of the features and services of both the app. This article is going to be very informative for you in order to choose the best between the two, Just stick to us till the end.

As in 2024, there are thousands of streaming platforms available for entertainment but the two that stand at the top of them are Thop TV and Pikashow, Both these apps have a lot of their fan following and audience. Although some of the fans compete with both apps. Let’s start with the introductive overview of both the apps:

PikaShow Vs ThopTV: Which one is the Best for you

Introductive overview of the ThopTV

Thop TV is an online streaming app with a huge variety of streaming media from different platforms like Airtel TV, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. It also provides more than 3,000 thousand streaming TV channels free of cost. It also allows the user to download their favourite movies.

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Introductive overview for PikaShow

Although there is no need for the Pikashow to be introduced, for your facility, here is the Introductory overview of the Pikashow as well.

PIkashow is an Indian-origin streaming app that provides unlimited media content and provides a lot of premium features free of cost. It also provides 10000 plus streaming channels.

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Similar features of the Thop-TV and PikaShow

As both the apps are streaming apps and are the best recommended by their audience, both apps provide similar features and services to each other.

Here are some of those features described below:

Live TV Channels:-

Pikashow and Thop-TV both the apps provide Live TV Channels for streaming supporting a lot of video Quality formats like 360p, 720p,1080p, etc.

No charges or subscriptions:-

As already said both apps do not charge or no subscription require for the services of both apps. They serve for the entertainment of their users and provide outstanding features with unlimited content free of cost.

Sports streaming:-

Both the apps provide the smooth sport streaming in HD Quality for the sport fans. You can watch the live streaming of the Cricket matches, Football tournaments, Hockey, Tennis etc.

Simple and customizable Interface:-

Both the apps have a very simple interface that makes them easy to use and easily understandable. They also support customized interface regarding forward, Backward, Pause or Resume the video.

Huge and diverse Media collection:-

PIkashow and Thop-TV both provides a variety of movies and media collection such as bollywood movies. Tollywood movies. Lollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Chinese Movies etc.They also provides a huge content other than movies like webseries, dramas, Documentaries, Talkshows etc.

Subtitle Supported:-

Subtitle supporting feature is available on both the apps. There is already available subtitles for the specific media in the apps or the user may manually download and install it in the app for the meida.

Screen Casting:-

With the time, both the apps updated and introduce all the new features. One is screen casting that is supported by both the apps. In this feature the user can cast the screen from their mobile phone on their Smart TVs.


Both the apps are compatible on any device like Android mobile phones, iOS devices, tablets, iPads, PCs, MacOS etc.

Contradiction between Pikashow Vs ThopTV

Now we are going to crack down the major aspects of both the apps that is going to decide which is the best for which cause. It is authentic that the article is written after the deep research through various resources.


User prefers that one which is legal to use, On this scenario the legality of Pikashow is more than Thop TV and is used in more countries legally other than Thop-TV. Although many of the google website declared the Pikashow as illegal based on the media saying that it stoles content from official sources, it’s not true. Pikashow extracts its media through third party sources being a third party app.


Comparison based on the popularity of both the apps, Pikashow hits more points due to its large audience and Public. Therefore it can be said that Pikashow is more popular than Thop-TV.

Content Availability:-

Pikashow continues to improve its content availability based on the latest and trending media. Therefore Pikashow covers a large library of the entertainment media available on Pikashow.

Availability on Play store:-

On the behalf of latest research both the apps are un-available on play store due to the reason that they do not come to meet the minimum requirements of Google terms and conditions of Play store.

Safe and Secure:-

Pikashow is found to be more secure than Thop-TV. Both are the third party apps so they could not be completely secure, comparatively Pikashow has less complaints or user negative feedbacks other than Thop-TV.

User Trust and Feedback:-

In contrast to the Thop-TV, Pikashow has more positive user response and huge audience than Thop-TV. Due to its high audience, Pikashow gain more trust of the people and introduces its services to them.

Free to Choose

Upon so deeply  analysis of both the apps, One can easily find out which one is better for him. But you are still free to use the app which one you want to. It’s totally upon your choice.


According to the latest research,  it is given at different sources that Pikahow was unable to fulfill the security requirements of the Play store, That’s why, it is unavailable on play store.
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It can be said that in the future maybe Pikashow is available on the Play store, because the developers are still working on it.


It can be concluded for now that Pikashow is more reliable streaming app in contrast to THop-TV. But we cannot mark it as final decision hoping so that that may be thop –TV will progress and cross the Pikashow  with the time. Our team has worked extensively hard to gather information from different source and gives you the valuable article. You can add our website to your home screen shortcut or bookmark our website to stay in touch with our articles.