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Why Pikshow is not available on the Play Store? Guide (2024)

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: January 29, 2024

Do you too want to know the reason why the Pikashow app has been disappeared or unavailable on the Google Play Store? Why the best streaming app has been banned by the Play Store For which reasons? Why Pikshow is not available on the Play Store? Dont worry! We are here to give you the most evaluated answers to all your queries in this article regarding the unavailability of the Pikashow app on the Google Play Store.  Be Patient and stick to us till the end of the article.

Why Pikshow is not available on the Play Store

Being the most popular streaming app among the millions of users and serving them as the top of all the streaming apps for free of cost, it disappears from the Google Play Store in an instant. This makes the users of the app very confused and every one of them wants to know why it happened so?

Now whenever one tries to download the app from the Play Store, a Pop-up appears in which it is written that the “app has been banned by Google Play Protect”
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Genuinely, the above text means that the app is not verified by Google Play Protect and awaits to be scanned by the Play Store or in the development stages.

In the case of Pikashow, the situation is slightly different as it was initially available on the Play Store and swiftly removed from the store over illegal streaming activities. However, you can still download it from our website which is outside the Play Store.

Requirements and Needs of Play Store-A must read Guide

In this section of the article, we are going to discuss why the app is scanned over the security protocols by Google. 

Google Security System:-

Google administers the security system to ensure the Privacy and security of its services. Among all its instances, Play Store also has the administration of the Google security Protocols which every application and game has to pass before being Published on the Play Store.

User Privacy and Security:-

Also, Google cares for the user Privacy and security for the sensitive information of the user. Therefore Google security should be implemented on the Play Store as it is the standard way to download the apps on any Android device. Without the Google security protocols, every game and application poses a security threat.

Malware Protection:-

With Google security protocols, the malware of the app is immediately detected and scanned instantly to protect the user’s data and secure their information.

Data Access permission:-

The strict regulation and privacy of the Google security system enable the developers of the apps to be more careful in handling the data and information of the user. therefore the developer first takes permission to access the data of the user in their app.

Trust of the Users:-

Google security protocols help to maintain and gather the trust of the users and the app developers. They appoint a badge to the app for others not to question its legality and privacy security.

Why Pikshow is not available on the Play Store?

What are the reasons for the unavailability of the Pikashow on Play Store

Now we can negotiate why pikashow has been removed from the Google Play Store. as Pikashow neglects most of the terms of the Privacy of the Play Store including malware practices, Copyright violation, and privacy and security concerns.

However, the app is still available for downloading from third-party resources or websites. There is also a security Pop-up that appears when you try to download it. Here are the possible reasons for the removal of the Piashow from the Play Store;

Security Concerns:

According to privacy experts, this app has a high potential to damage the privacy and security of the user data and has a low safety protocol regarding the user data and privacy.

Streaming sources:

 Pikashow fetches all its content from third-party resources and emerges as a top streaming platform. Sometimes it redirects the user to another platform outside the app through third-party linking that is illegal.

Copyright laws violations:

Pikashow app violates Copyright laws, offering the original content of the other platform through third-party linking and streaming it to their users without the permission of the content holder is considered to be an illegal activity.

Non-Compliance with the Play Store Policies:

It is now clear that the Pikashow app with such behavior is unable to fulfill the developer’s policies of the Play Store, and such a behavior of the app causes its removal from the Play Store.

The decision of the Dehli High Court:

In a recent case, a local client cases a file against Piashow and asked the court to restrict Pikashow services as it violates the security policies and has malware that is risky for the privacy of the user. Upon the decision of the Dehli High Court, the Pikashow was banned and the developers of the app were ordered to be arrested.

Excavating the solution for the Pikashow access

The sudden removal of the Pikashow app from the app store has made its users and fans seek other ways to download it without risking their privacy and legally. Here are some of the ways that are 100%  safe and legal to download the Pikashow app other than the Google Play Store:

Download from the Official Website

After so many allegations regarding the security and privacy of the user and removal from the Google Play Store, the developers have decided to grant a secondary source to download their app to facilitate their users. For this, they started to run their official website on the Google Play Store. You can download the latest version of the Pikashow app from their official website in a secure and legal manner.

Access from third-party Platforms:-

Often the user gets worried that the official website of the Pikashow app is banned in their country. Don’t worry, we got a solution for it as well. You can now get the download link  from the other website like ours that provides the 100% secure link to download the app,

VPN Service:-

Sometimes the situation happens that you downloaded the Pikashow app, but you can’t use it because of its ban in your country, In such a situation you can use a VPN service that alters the location of your server and grants you access the unlimited free streaming of the PIkashow app with its premium features.

Disable Play Store Services:-

Generally, it is not recommended, but we are mentioning it for the assistance of our readers. You can disable the service of the Play Store and allow it to Download Anyway, it is risky at all because various malware and hackers can attack your device and hack it as well by disabling the services of the Play Store.


Downloading Pikashow from the unofficial website is highly risky and threatens malware and privacy attacks on the device. Therefore it is always recommended to download the Pikashow from the official website.

There are a lot of legal alternatives to Pikashow in the market of streaming apps, The top among them are Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Ullu, Disney+, etc.
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You can use the VPN service if the services of the Pikashow app are unavailable to your region. VPN allows you to bypass the restrictions and access the services that are not available in your region.


We can summarize our article as we have extensively explained the reasons for the removal of the Pikashow app from the Play Store. We have researched very hard and tried our best to deliver highly accurate information for the facility of our dear readers and Pikashow users. Moreover, if you want to support us, You can add our website to your Home Screen Shortcut and add our website to your Bookmark and allow the notification so that you can get the notification whenever we post a new article about your favourite app Pikashow.