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How to Watch Cricket World Cup On Pikashow 2024

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: December 16, 2023

Just like me, are you the craziest fan of cricket and you want to watch Cricket World Cup on PikaShow with so much craze without any interruption?

It is accepted that fans are using multiple sources to stream and watch over the matches of their faviroute teams. And although there are hundreds of streaming sources available for them, wait a second, why not choose the best among them?

Let me Introduce to you the best streaming App Pikashow mod apk used worldwide.
I know you wonder how Pikashow is going to steam the cricket match of 50-overs for so long.

To your knowledge, there is a feature in the app of live Cricket Stream service that comes into function during Important events.

Watch Cricket World Cup On Pikashow

Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2023

In World Cup 2023 Pikcashow offers smooth streaming of all the practice matches, group-wise matches. Knock-out rounds, Semifinals, and Finals with no advertisement In Finest HD Quality.

Biggest Rivalries on Pikashow

Teams like India, Pakistan, Australia, and England are considered to be the biggest competitive rivals of each other, and watching them on live streaming on Pikashow gives you unlimited craze and entertainment.

Benefits of watching Cricket World Cup on PikaShow

The following are the aids that are offered on Pikashow to watch live streams of major events like WCW 2023:

HD top-quality Streaming

Unlike other streaming apps and sources, Pikashow offers the best of the top quality streaming to their audience enhancing their mode of craze for sports and entertainment.

Device Compatibility

There is no specific requirement for devices for  HD streaming. The HD streaming on Pikashow is compatible with every device even with higher or lower specs.

Zero Disfigurement

There is zero disfigurements on the Pikashow, usually, other streaming apps settle their quality upon such mega events and hardly manage the large traffic of their audience which causes lag and server distortion.

Smooth Streaming

Pikashow gives smooth streaming free of distortion and lag problems In HD quality In an efficient manner.

One Click saving

Sometimes watching the live streaming, the user wants to save or capture any moment or wants to share it with their friends, this feature is offered by Pikashow as the user can now save any moment from the live streaming On their Android mobile Phones, laptops or iOs devices, etc in one click.

Rewind and fast forwarding Option

What if you are watching the match of your favourite team and miss some important moments of the match !!! What are you going to do now?
Don’t worry Pikashow gives a fast forwarding and rewinding option that allows the user to watch or skip the match upon their preference in offline streaming.

Free of Cost

Although all the streaming apps charge to stream and lack quality during streaming, Pikashow offers live streaming totally free of cost with premium quality.

Ad free Streaming

This is a major fact that makes Pikashow preferable over the other streaming apps because ad creates distortion or interruption in the entertainment of the user. For this Pikashow offers their audience ad-free live streaming.

Other than live-streaming

Live streaming is not only the reason to choose Pikashow but it also gives some other facilities for the comfort of their user. I.e,

  • World Cricket World Cup Match Schedules
  • Live Match scores
  • Updated News
  • Updated Point table
  • Match Highlights

World Cricket World Cup Match Schedules

Besides live streaming Piakshow gives the details of all the tournament schedules as to where and when the next match is going to happen. This gives the user the comfort for not having to search for the next match separately.

Live Match Scores

Pikashow gives their audience the complete details of the live match scores as which player has taken more wickets and which has made more runs etc.

Updated News

Updated news is also provided to the audience regarding any incident in the World Cup ie, natch delay, player injury, etc. This will help the audience to keep updated on all scenarios of the tournament.

Updated Point Table

The updated Point table is also available in Pikashow Live streaming showing the current Point details of the teams representing which one is leading with the high points and which one is chasing the leading team etc.

Match Highlights

If you miss a match that is an important part of the tournament and you want to watch that in a limited time. You can watch the match highlights through the Pikashow app.

How to Watch Cricket World Cup On Pikashow

How to watch the Cricket World Cup 2023 Live Stream on PikaShow

It’s very easy and simple to watch WCW live streaming on Pikashow; just follow the instructions given below

  • Go to the main page of our site.
  • Click on the download button and download the Pikashow app.
  • Install it on your device.
  • After installation, open the app.
  • Provide all the requirements and permissions.
  • Go to the cricket section on the interface of the app.
  • Select the match you want to stream.
  • You will be redirected to the media site
  • Tap on the player and the stream will start after an ad

Pikashow, the most Preferred mode of live-streaming

Not only because of its audience and users but also due to the service and quality of the content. Pikashow is the most preferable mode for live streaming all over the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pikashow is an app for live streaming containing thousands of channels. it is also a good mode for watching movies and other entertainment media.

There is no threat in using the Pikaahow for live streaming and watching other media if it is downloaded from a reliable site.
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The downloading links provided on our site are 100% secure and safe and are directly fetched from the official site of Pikashow.

Unlike other streaming apps, Pikashow does not demand any charges for live streaming, it’s 100% free as an APK mod.


It can be summarized that Pikashow is the best streaming platform in order to watch any entertainment media or live sports matches like the major event of this year Cricket World Cup 2023 with its premium features like HD quality video, customized media players, Ad-free streams, etc.

Pikashow enhances your cricket experience in an efficient manner and upgrades your level of fun with its premium services free of cost.