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PikaShow for MAC/Apple Download & Install (Laptops/Desktops)

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: December 12, 2023

As we all know that MAC offers very rare agreements with streaming Apps. It is less compatible with Streaming apps. Streaming app users cannot do much work on such apps. Download and install Pikashow for Mac/Apple and enjoy endless streaming


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You can say that MAC users are restricted but no need to worry at all. Here we will tell you few hacks to install Pikashow streaming app in your devices and day by day you get to know its benefits.  It will not burden your pocket as well.

Undoubtedly  MAC devices are restricted for such local apps. They will not allow each and every device to get easy access. It imposes high user restrictions for multiple platforms. Only apps that are available on Apple or MAC Stores can get easy access to these special varieties of Apple. 

PikaShow for MAC/Apple

However Pikashow is a highly demanding Streaming App for Stream lovers but it cannot get easy access on MAC devices. The prime reason behind its MAC restrictions is that it isn’t available on the Apple App Store. No doubt it makes a devastating change  for users. 

It will surprise you that now it’s not the thing to worry about. In this article we will extensively guide you how you can get access on your  MAC device. We will provide complete assistance and verified steps for using Pikashow for MAC. Just stay with us and follow all these given instructions properly. 

Reasons behind Watching Pikashow Stream on MAC

Before penning down each and everything we would like to tell you a few facts for choosing MAC as a device for watching Pikashow Streaming. Pikashow gives a wide variety of content and has extensive technical features that support all sorts of Larger Screens including PCs, Laptops, and MACs. 

The major working mechanism of Pikashow is to facilitate all Android and iOS users and make their access easy for their favorite content. It will support your devices at any time. However no PikaShow is working on further advanced features like Screencasting. This feature is now available by default on Latest Pikashow APK version.

Using Pikashow’s enhanced compatibility option, users can experience charm on larger screens. They can enjoy their favorite content digitally. Pikashow allows users to watch unlimited Live Streams with proper customization options on big screens. This can happen only to enable the Pikashow Streaming App. 

Let’s explore those major factors that can only be accessed by using Pikashow on MAC, Desktops, Smart TVs, and Laptops. These features can not be claimable on small screens like Android and iOS devices.

HD Quality Streaming

The plus point of using this streaming app on MAC devices is , it increases Video Quality during watch. Most other apps provide even 4K Streaming Options for MAC. While it gives a high speed is needed to watch such high-quality streams. However, you can get between 720p, 1020p, and 1020p resolutions on Pikashow.

User-Friendly Interface

Most of the time Apps offer a messy and chunky interface on Android and iOS devices. It gets difficult to handle their features. But Pikashow is fully equipped with the value-added interface that easily controls all sorts of iOS and Android gadgets. This scenario is somehow altered for MAC Devices because it gives external aids free access on larger screens.

One-Click Downloading

While watching videos if we like any video we want to download it again. Sometimes you want to watch your favorite Shows later on so the first thought in your mind is to download the show but Android and iOS devices are always stuck with limited storage. However for MAC users its not an issue to think because they never encounter Downloading Restrictions , they have good memory options too.

External Player Support

Most of the time Android and iOS users face difficulties while streaming outreach resources are not supported by the Pikashow. However this specific hurdle is no longer with MAC users. Its Configuration settings support external players such as LD Players, MAX Player etc.

Extensive Customization Opportunities

Like few other options, extensive customization opportunities are also available by MAC users. This is one of the other reasons behind installing Pikashow on your MAC devices. It has a large number of customization options as compared to small devices like mobile phones and iOS devices. Small devices have limited custom features. During streaming on MAC devices users can control Adjustment, Graphic settings, Screencasting, Subtitles Enabling, and Interface Optimization.

Playlist Creation

Last but not the least, MAC users can easily create a Playlist of the Pikashow App. This specific feature is unavailable for Android users. This option is necessary for fun lovers. During traveling and camping, they also want some entertainment as well. So it’s good news for PikaShow for MAC users that they can create a playlist and play videos offline anytime anywhere.

To create a playlist follow the given instructions:

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Select Create Playlist Option.
  • Select your favorite Content .
  • Click OK.
  • Enjoy your unlimited Playlist Streaming.

Install Pikashow for MAC/Apple – Using AnyTrans App

We are going to discuss the first method of downloading Pikashow on MAC without the App Store. Don’t worry we will share a completely secure and Anti-Ban Procedure for your safety. Moreover you can apply this procedure step-by-step on other apps that are unavailable on Apple or MAC App Store.

Install Pikashow for MAC/Apple – Using AnyTrans App

For the processing of the Pikashow app you need to Install AnyTrans App from the Apple Store. Because this app has professional iOS Data Manager Features. These  features allow users to Transfer App Manually from iPhone to MAC. Which is install able anytime. For further assistance follow the given steps.

  • Firstly ,Download and Install  AnyTrans on the MAC
  • Now Run AnyTrans on your MAC 
  • Connect your iPad or iPhone with the computer through a Data Cable.
  • Click the downloading option.
  • Sign-In your account with iCloud by using Apple credentials like ID and Password.
  • Again Search for Pikashow App .
  • Click the Download option
  • Tap the OK 
  • Now App will automatically get saved in your App Library.
  • Open the Apple Library 
  • Now Launch the Pikashow App 
  • At last, Click on Install Option 
  • Enjoy your desired content.

How to Install & Stream Pikashow on MAC – Using JailBreaking Method

As you all know that Jailbreaking is a reliable way to get rid of restrictions by Apple. However most of you think that it’s common but one fact is its illegal activity which is banned by Google and Apple . Its usage can ban your Apple account too. 

How to Install & Stream Pikashow on MAC – Using JailBreaking Method

Perhaps, if you want access to run Pikashow on your MAC , Apple without any limit or restrictions then there is only one solution  that is Jailbreak. We will guide you how to install and Stream through Pikashow on your MAC and Apple devices but take this risk in keeping your mind about its consequences as well. It can damage your device or you can lose your data. 

Follow the given steps. 

  • Firstly, Download Checkra1n. This is an app for jailbroken iOS.
  • Connect your MAC or Apple device with the help of USB Cable to iOS Device.
  • Install Checkra1n DMG GFile on your MAC or Apple Device.
  • Start transfer Checkra1n File into your Application Section.
  • After it, Connect the device to MAC with the help of USB or DATA Cable.
  • Open the MAC’s Application Folder.
  • Go for Checkra1n 
  • Open Contents
  • Go for MacOS
  • Select Checkra1n-gui Terminal File
  • It will detect your device.
  • Click the Start Option and allow Checkra1n to enter the DFU Mode.
  • Click on the Next Option and it will provide you On-Screen Prompts that how to enable DFU Mode on this device?
  • Choose the start Option Again and follow up the given instructions to enter DFU Mode.
  • After it, the Jailbreak process will start and you have to be patient till it completes.
  • At the end, a command of Complete will be given to you. That means the Jailbreaking process is done.
  • Finally you get it. 
  • Now enjoy.

How to Install and Stream Pikashow on MAC Using Safari

As you all know, Safari is one of the most popular and powerful applications that is used to explore the internet on Apple and MAC devices. All Apple and MAC users must clearly know about Safari.  Amazingly, it is used to Download and Install Pikashow Streaming App on MacBook and  Apple Devices.

To use it on your MacBook you need to make Safari your default browser on your device.

How to Install and Stream Pikashow on MAC Using Safari

For the access go to the Apple MENU then follow up the System Settings and then just Scroll Down. Now choose the Pop-Up Menu and select Safari as your Default Browser. 

  • Start from the Open Option of Safari
  • Go to the PikaShowapk.com
  • Search the website for Pikashow for iOS Devices.
  •  Click the Result given below.
  • Tap the Download Option to get it Download
  • Wait for a few seconds to let it Download.
  • After it click the Install option and get the Pikashow App
  • Read and Follow all On-screen Permissions to complete the Installation.
  • Finally you get it. Now Open and enjoy.


To run an iOS streaming app on MAC, use an iOS emulator like JailBreaking Method or Safari Method. Emulators simulate iOS environments, allowing app testing on MAC.

For MAC, Pikashow can be installed through two methods. The first involves jailbreaking, a risky and potentially illegal activity that can lead to consequences like device damage and account bans. The second method is using Safari, a legal alternative. Users should be cautious and follow the steps carefully, ensuring they understand the associated risks and legality of their chosen method.

You can get the Pikashow app on your MAC device through two methods. The jailbreaking method involves using Checkra1n, a process with potential risks and legal issues. The Safari method, a legal alternative, requires making Safari your default browser, visiting PikaShowapk.com, and following the download and installation steps. Exercise caution and be aware of the associated risks with each method.

It’s important to note that using unofficial and potentially modified versions of apps, including Pikashow, can pose risks to your device’s security and violate terms of service. In short, new one is the best for your Mac.

Wrapping Up

At the end of this discussion we just quickly go through the main aspects of this article. With the help of this article you can easily install and run Pikashow on your MacBook without any hassle. We are not just giving you the steps to download it but tell you every compatible version for your new and old Pikashow app for your device. 

Meanwhile you can also use the latest technologies in your devices like jailbreaking, MAC Rooting  with Pikashow . Through Pikashow you can experience much more than this. 

If you have any ambiguity during installing Pikashow feel free to contact anytime. We will answer your all queries  regarding running Pikashow on iOS devices , Apple/MAC. Just bookmark our web site for further guidance and latest updates blogs. Turn on the notification to get it asap.