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How to Connect Pikashow with Laptop, PC &TV (Ultimate Guide)

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: December 12, 2023

Apart from Streaming, pikashow is well known for its easy Value-Added interface. Beyond its huge knowledgeable features, Streamers still find it difficult to connect it with Laptops, TVs, and PCs for streaming purposes.

Basically it’s not streamers fault if they didn’t get access to connect it with their Laptops, PCs , and TVs easily or for the first time. It has a main technical step that is part of its installment. This step requires some Pro-expertise in the first step to get its access.

Rather than sharing Pikashow, you can install Pikashow APKs latest version from our website. Our given links are fully protected and scanned through malware and antivirus softwares. So you can get a secure installation process here.

Connect Pikashow with Laptop

Why You Choose Pikashow for Streaming on Laptop, PCs, and Smart TVs

As we all know that Android Apps are the altered Content Consuming around the Globe. There isn’t any other opinion. People are highly obsessed with these small high kit tools for watching their media material on Androids and other mini screens anywhere anytime.

Well on a larger scale people prefer to watch their media stuff on big screens to get more influenced by high resolution cinematic and a realistic experience. A massive cult of people prefer laptops, Desktops, Tvs and big screens for entertainment.

For such a group of people developers are now working on the more advanced features of these streaming apps for easy connection. When a user searches for such apps he goes through over a hundred of such apps that work very smoothly on PCs, Smart TVs and iOS operated gadgets. While Pikashow APK gives its access differently from its rivals for customized streaming. It offers just one click compatibility across diverse. Nature devices. 

If we just talk about Pikashow, it wraps almost 1000 TV channels, a diverse Movie collection, Billions of Songs and firm integration without OTT portals. In short, Pikashow fulfills the necessities of its users in a diverse range of content collection.

If we look at its other traits like customization and additional streaming no doubt it maintained its legacy at a very high peak. Meanwhile, its entire interface from uploading to downloading videos and other entertaining stuff through attaching external media players users can fully enjoy high quality streamings. It is designed as per users desires.

Unlashing Pikashows Capabilities On PCs/Laptops/Smart TVs

As we already discussed, there isn’t any comparison between watching videos on big screens rather than small screens. Ofcourse big screens like TV , PCs and Laptops give you a more mesmerizing cinematic experience than a mini screen. 

There isn’t second opinion than streaming on Desktops, TVs, PCs, and Laptop has advanced features like access to short commands or keys, high resolution picture quality, and many other tasks. But all these multitasks cannot be experienced on Smart Phones.

Improved Visual Experience

One of the best things about Pikashow App is it enhances viewers’ visual experience. Large screens and desktops always give a wide area for visual experiences as compared to smartphones. By the use of the Pikashow app users get more visual comfort on large screens.

Improved Productivity

Apart from streaming on large screens, it significantly boosts productivity. In Androids users are restricted to close one app to use another app. Big screens are effectively multitasking like streaming and viewing documents simultaneously.

Cinematic Entertainment

Watching movies on TV and other videos on large screens may create cinematic effects. Users can experience a theater-like effect on screens by attaching external audio video players.

Easy Navigation

Meanwhile, Pikashow can be easily navigated to any device. Most of the time few apps are difficult to navigate in smartphones due to their complex interface. It can be challenging sometimes. Streaming Pikashow on larger screens provides easy access for navigation and interaction.

Enhanced Customization

Last but not least, larger screens enable users to customize their entertainment more. Streaming apps mostly provide interface options for their users including subtitles,and attractive features that can easily manage on larger screens.

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How to Connect Pikashow with Laptop, Desktops & TVs

Pikashow installation is different in every device. It may vary according to device features. Of course we will share all possible methods of installing Pikashow on your large screens.

Before selecting any specific method of installation Pikashow you must have a stable internet connection to avoid errors due to low data services. For a great experience, you can install Pikashow APK Latest Version for a seamless experience.

  • Direct Method for Streaming Pikashow on Laptops
  • Pikashow Streaming On Desktops Using Android Emulator
  • Pikashow Streaming on Smart TVs Through Manual Methods
  • Using HDMI

Direct Method for Streaming Pikashow on Laptops

Given instructions are for the ease of users to install Pikashow on their laptops. Our given methods are definitely worth it for PIkashow streamers effectively with all top-notch devices like Laptops of HP, ACER, DELL, and Apple. It works on all type of large screens effectively without any complication. 

  • First of all open your device and click on Notification Sign (down on right corner)
  • Open the Menu and search Project Icons.
  • Now click the option ,  Wireless Display Option to connect with it.
  • Select Projecting to this PC
  • Find options of Screen Mirroring or Cast Screen options on your Androids Smartphones.
  • Turn it On and connect to your Laptop.
  • Your Smartphone screen will  telecast on your Laptop. 
  • At the end,  Open the Pikashow app on your Smartphone and enjoy the high quality HD streaming without any complexity. 

Pikashow Streaming On Desktops Usings Android Emulator

Surprisingly the Latest Version of Pikashow APK works very effectively in all sorts of web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Fire MOzilla, and Safari. It works smoothly in all types of Windows 7,8,10 and 11. Maybe it’s unbelievable for a new user but it’s worth it.

Best Android Emulator for the Pikashow
  • Start from the Official Website
  • It can be any of your Android Prefer Emulator.
  • You have to visit BlueStacks Official Portal
  • Just Click the Download Button to Bag BlueStacks Latest version. 
  • Follow all given steps for the smooth installation. 
  • Now it’s time to launch Emulator on your targeted screen.
  • Open Google Play Store , which is already installed in Emulator.
  • Search Pikashow on it.
  • Choose the original App from there.
  • Complete download and let it install 
  • An app icon will appear on the desktop or laptop screen.
  • Click the icon to launch the app
  • Start watching Streams.

Pikashow Streaming on Smart TVs Through Manual Methods

If you are using different web searchers like Amazon fire Stick, Samsung Smart TV, for all that given method will be helpful.

Given all instructions can help in Streaming through Pikashow Apps and unlock its capability on your smart devices.

  • Connect your TV with internet 
  • Open the device settings
  • Open Google Play Store
  • Search ES File Explorer
  • Install ES File Explorer
  • Open Default Browser 
  • Search Pikashow APK
  • Download the Pikashow App and Navigate the ES File Explorer
  • Search. Pikashow App  in Local Disk. it will in recently download files 
  • For installation double- click the asset file on your SmartTV 
  • Open the App and finally enjoy your streaming on Smart Tv.

Using HDMI

  • Connect your device with HDMI cable through the port and the other side with your Smartphone.
  • Change the input source of your smart Tv to the given HDMI port. It will change the input source.
  • Your TV screen will be mirror through your smartphone.


Yes, Pikashow is compatible with Apple TV, allowing users to load the app seamlessly for an enriched streaming experience on the Apple TV platform.

To connect Pikashow to your Smart TV, ensure it’s online, install and download PikaShow from our website. Ensuring a legitimate source. Open the app on your Smart TV and enjoy seamless streaming.

Downloading the Pikashow app for large screens is safe when done from trusted sources like our website. Prioritize safety by avoiding downloads from unknown or unverified platforms.

No, Pikashow is not restricted for any device, ensuring compatibility across various platforms for a versatile streaming experience.

Yes, Pikashow is customized for TV and laptops, offering tailored features for an enhanced streaming experience on these devices.


This long discussion shows that Pikasshow is one of the app that offers very concise and simple steps for streaming on large screens through attaching it on Pcs, Laptops and Smartphones. The exact steps for installation may vary from device to device because every device is designed a bit differently manually. Although all use the same purpose.

Pikashow is an easily accessible app on all devices, its installment methods are really simple. It gets easy attachment with Laptops, Tvs Screens and Desktops. For sure we know that screen mirroring is one of the best options for attaching the Pikashow App with TV screens but for that make sure both connected devices are using the same speed data or using the same portal of the internet. It gives a proper gateway to open extensive streaming on larger screens. You can bookmark Pikashow APK and visit it for the latest updates anytime.