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Why Is PikaShow App Not Working? [Problem for Android/iOS/PC]

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: January 28, 2024

In this era of technology there is too much competition between all sorts of technical new inventions. Now people are mad for digital Applications of entertainment. As there are so many applications offering similar or different types of features. 

However still in this advanced time of technology developers and users often faced some technical issues in their applications. That might be systematic or due to other wrong attempts. Like other streaming apps, Pikashow APK has often shown some Systematic Errors. These errors disturb the users during streaming or installing it.

In this article we are penning down the details of problems that users face during using Pikashow APK or may affect their  streaming and multi functioning of the device while using it. 

Why Is PikaShow App Not Working

Pikashow APK is the best free streaming app for Androids, iOS and iPhone devices.

When you start using Pikashow you get to know it has a wide variety of features that are dominating among other streaming apps. It offers multiple ranges of content like TV Channels, OTT Platforms, Sports, News, Movies from All over the world Cinema, Songs, and every sort of Entertaining Stuff.

Pikashow APK developers claim that they are working on the most advanced technological features among all streaming apps. They claim the best streaming app of its time. But still its best features are some faults that are not negligible. Though these are some Systematic errors, they still bothers the users, so for that cant blame developers. 

No doubt Pikashow APK gained a huge popularity in a very short time. If we look at the online reviews for Pikashow , a vast list of issues are told by its users.  Some major errors that we are penning down are from users personal experience and reviews are “Not Working Error”, “Retry Error”, “ Unable to Connect to Server Error”, “Server Down Error” etc.

Alas! Most of the top Tech Websites have failed to answer the users queries regarding above mentioned issues. So here we are trying to make clarity to our users by solving their issues regarding their problems. We are going to provide you with a detailed guide and verified solution.  So don’t worry and stay with us till the end of this article. Read it completely for proper assistance.

Prime Solutions If Pikashow Is Not Working on Android, iOS/iPhone

As we discussed earlier, there could be so many reasons behind such systematic errors. These errors may affect your device’s multifunctioning. Here we are going to pen down three of the most authentic and useful ways, through which you can solve such issues on time. 

Clear Cache Of Recently-Opened Apps

The easy and first way to solve Pikashow APK working errors is clearing the cache of all recently opened applications in the device. For this procedure open the App Settings , go for Cache Option and click the Cache Clear.

Clear Cache Of PikaShow form Settings
  • Open the Settings in device
  • Open the Application 
  • Click the Pikashow APK
  • Open the Storage Option
  • Click the Data Clear option
  • Navigate the Pikashow APK Settings 
  • Click the Storage option and Clear the Data 
  • Finally, Open the app and start streaming. 

Reboot The Device

Most of the time by the usage of multiple applications and data our devices get slow. Almost everyone knows that in case of such a situation just reboot your device for better performance. It will reduce the continuous freezing and jamming down of several apps’ performance. Because some unknown data is slowing down your device and impacts on Streaming and multiple functioning. For rebooting your device follow the given steps.

Reboot the Device to run PikaShow
  • Click on the power button 
  • Select the Restart Option 
  • It may be chosen from the device settings by restart Option. 

Install the Latest Version of Pikashow APK

Sometimes if you are still using the oldest version of applications then you are continuously skipping updated features of those apps. Not only missing the features but those apps started working slow , impacts your device’s performance as well. To avoid such inconveniences install the latest versions of app in your devices after every short interval of time.

For Pikashow APK’s best performance download its latest version to avoid unexpected errors. These errors may include freezing, jamming , loading of content, buffering, connecting errors etc. To avoid such issues go for Pikashow APK latest version. Follow the given steps to install it.

  • Download the Pikashow APK from our website.
  • Open the Device Settings.
  • Open Security Option.
  • Click Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Open File Manager.
  • Click to Download a Folder.
  • Launch the Pikashow APK from the Track and it started to download.
  • Allow the asked permissions for the completion of the Installation process.
  • Finally, Open the App and enjoy.

Why Is PikaShow App Not Working? Most Common Issues Related to Pikashow APK

Every Streaming app has some flaws, most of the time these apps are clinging with technical flaws and systematic flaws as well. Pikashow APK is also one of them. Most of the time users are really anxious about their reliable apps and share their good and bad experiences in form  reviews. These reviews are negative and positive both. 

Meanwhile, mostly issues are due to poor networks that delay the connectivity. Sometimes it can be due to device incompatibility. Few users face problems due to excess cache data in their devices. But don’t worry, all these above-mentioned issues can be solved by some technical ways and you can enjoy your streaming without any hurdles. 

In this article we have collected almost every error of Pikashow APK and we are going to briefly discuss it for our users’ satisfaction. These all errors are taken from the frequently faced by the users and here we are going to discuss a few valid ways to resolve these issues.

Why is Pikashow APK Not Working Properly?

No matter if you are using Pikashow APK on your Android, iOS or on any Apple device you face the improper working of Pikashow APK. Sometimes this issue is freezing or crashing. But a few times users face jamming of the home page as well. 

All these above mentioned working issues are seen by the users. These errors are bothering you until and unless you find a proper fixation for it. Here we are penning down the steps to avoid such problems.

Reasons For This Error

  • It can be server down or Maintenance Mode. 
  • It can be slowed down due to Massive  Flow of Traffic at the same time.
  • It can be due to poor Internet Connection or Slow Internet Speed.

Validation Method of This Error

Just close the Application.

  • Clear all Cache Data.
  • Open it again.
  • Check the device connection and set the Time.
  • Restart the Internet Connection.

Why is Pikashow APK Unable to Connect to the Server?

Whenever you face this problem it will be solved automatically after sometime but if it takes too long time to connect try to connect with the developers. However by following a few steps given you can also resolve these issues instantly.

Reasons Behind This Error

  • Server down or may be Technical Fault
  • Slow Internet speed
  • Area to area Restrictions

Validation Method of This Error

  • Just go to VPN settings
  • Enable the VPN services
  • Restart your device
  • Clear All Cache data from your device.
  • Try again.

Why Pikashow APK Shows Source Down Error

Pikashow APK Source Down Error is one of the frequently asked queries from Streamers . This is the mostly faced issue for users. This issue is due to devices or slow internet . It can be due to both device incompatibility or slow internet speed. 

Reasons Behind This Error

  • Firstly it can be due to Server Issues
  • Slow internet speed
  • App Cache Problems

Validation Method of this Error

  • Firstly Restart your Device
  • Open the App Settings
  • Clear all App Cache data 
  • Reboot your Internet Connection.

Why is Pikashow APK not Connected?

Sometimes users face Pikashow APK not connecting in the first attempt. When they want to connect their connections they face such icons on their screens. Even though they have a stable internet connection and better speed. Most of the time these sorts of notifications pop-up the screens during live streaming and bother you. Please follow the instructions to avoid such issues.

Reasons Behind This Errors

  • It may be due to Server Maintenance or heavy Traffic on same server
  • Poor connectivity of internet
  • You may be using oldest version of Pikashow APK

Validation Method of this Error

  • Firstly install the latest Version of Pikashow APK.
  • Restart your Internet Device or router
  • Refresh your Device by restarting it.

Why Pikashow APK is showing Log-in Error

This error is bothering you rarely during your streaming . This error is caused by some glitches that are caused when you share your log-in with multiple users . Another reason for such issues is your recently deleted cache data from your device.

Reasons Behind This Error

  • When you Changed your Password or Email address.
  • Share your log-in with many users.
  • Cache in your device.

Validation ways of this Error

  • Just check out your original Email Address and Password in the defaulted Browser.
  • After changing your Password Retry it.
  • Open the app settings and Clear all Cache data from your device.

Why does Pikashow APK Show Retry Error?

This error sometimes occurs during your live streaming of Movies or Songs. It shows on your screen closing your windows instantly . It may stop the browsing or close the Media Stuff in your screen. It shows on your Home Page as well as a notification.

Reasons for This Error

  • It may be faced by premium users and indicates the expiry of your Membership plans.
  • It may be due to Maintenance Mode .
  • It may be due to Slow or unstable Internet Connection.

Validation Method of this Error

  • Go and Check your Membership Plans expiry.
  • Retry the tab by closing and reopening it.
  • Connect again with your internet Connection.
  • Reboot your device and try again.

Why Pikashow APK is Showing Cast Error

This error is faced by the Android or iOS users frequently. Because if you are an Apple or Windows Operated Device then you are a Pro-streamers and by default you have Chromecasting feature. Through which you can Screen Cast your device and Advanced Chrome or Apple TV. While it may not happen when you follow the given steps. 

Reasons Behind This Error

  • Your device may be incompatible with Smart TV.
  • Slow speed of Internet.
  • Trying the inappropriate method. 

Validation Method for This Error

  • First of all check your device compatibility with TV
  • Get a verified Chrome Casting Method
  • Reboot your device and Internet Connection.

Why is Pikashow taking time in Buffering?

This problem is also frequently faced by users during live streaming. Mostly they face it when they are in any live streaming session. There could be several reasons behind such bugs and they are difficult to handle. Kindly follow the given steps to solve such errors.

Reasons Behind This Error

  • Slow Internet Speed or poor Connection.
  • Glitches in the Device.
  • Down Server Errors

Validation Method of This Error

  • First of all Restart your Device
  • Enable your Internet Connection once.
  • Check the Speed of your Internet Connection.
  • Close the Pikashow APK and few time Open it again a few times.

Why is Pikashow APK not Loading?

Sometimes Pikashow takes too much time to load. Yes this is an error due to this it delays the loading process. It may have several reasons like device incompatibility, poor Connection, unstable internet and may be the Old version of App that may expire. 

Reasons Behind this Error.

  • Your device is not compatible.
  • You are using the Oldest Version of Pikashow APK.
  • Your Internet Connection isn’t stable.

Validation Method of This Error.

  • Open Device Support and Retry  .
  • Install the Latest Version of Pikashow APK.
  • Check your Internet Speed.


If you are a paid subscriber then Pikashow APK provides you with 24/7 assistance and you can access through Email.
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Basically Pikashow supports Androids ,iPhone and iOS devices so for this you don’t need to install any other software or Root to run Pikashow in your iPhone. But if you are going to install and run Pikashow MOD APK on your device then definitely you need rooting for its performance.

No, you cannot apply those methods on iPhone because these steps are specifically designed for Android devices and cannot work on iPhone . Because by default Android devices are completely different from iPhone and iOS gadgets.


Meanwhile in the above written content we tried our best to give solutions to the Pikashow APK error . All mentioned errors are frequently faced by users and they get confused in resolving it. If you are facing other problems related to PilaShow’s work, kindly connect us through your valuable comments and we will provide you with the best and easy solutions regarding your queries. 

For further solutions and latest updates kindly bookmark or website Pilashowapk.com and get connected with us. Also turn on the notification option for new posted blogs and articles.