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PikaShow for iOS/iPhone v86 Free Download (Updated 2024)

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: January 12, 2024

Even though Pikashow is working universally. People are using it on iPhone, iOS, iPads, and all other Apple devices. However, it is a bit tricky to download it. But now after new modifications PikaShow for iOS supports all types of devices.


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Pikashow for iOS/iPhone /V83 Free Download 2024

This article is worth reading for Pikashow streamers. We are going to discuss all methods for downloading Pikashow on all iOS supported devices like iOS 14, 15 without Jailbreak , Root or Revoke.

This will be helpful for all iOS supported devices and all types of Apple devices. We will share methods and its configuration requirements in it.

PikaShow for iOS/iPhone

Pikashow APK gives its readers a proper guideline of Installation Method on iOS devices and it is quite workable with all previous versions. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Pikashow v76, v28 or any other.
Just follow the given steps and watch unlimited Pikashow streams on iPhones.

Exploring the Working Mechanism of Pikashow

We all know that in the last few years all streaming apps have surged in demand . One of the recent reasons is COVID-19 restrictions. During Covid-19 worldwide people were stuck in their houses and that time gave rise to online streaming apps and video games.

During this pandemic period, people just went for home theaters because indoor is the single entertainment. They preferred movies, songs, games, sports on their Android and iOS  devices in their homes. 

Live sports Streaming

Nowadays online markets have a wide variety of Streaming Mediums. Even a diverse market is offering On demand Content Provision including OTT Platforms. All these apps are offered over Internet Portals, Live Sports Streaming packages and Live Streaming Android /iOS Apps.

Live TV Channels

One of the prime reasons for Pikashow’s popularity is its wide range of content. It offers all sort of entertaining access. These are the valid and understandable reasons behind the Pikashow’s popularity. It is a complete package of streaming content like Movies, Songs Library, Sports Streaming and Live TV Channels. 

However if people don’t find any interesting content on its library they just go to the Live TV Channel option with a wide range of Channels.

Unlimited Live Streaming 

It isn’t just offering an option of Unlimited Live Streaming but also offers a proper customization feature like One-Click Downloading for all sorts of Media files of any size and quality. It offers different Video Quality Selection Options and a diverse Compatibility Opportunities. 

Official Store

Furthermore, this app gives you the approach through its Official Store or you can download from our website Pikashow APK. For Pikashow lovers it offers very cheap, sizable, and Affordable membership plans. As compared to rival apps it has very affordable access. Just go to the official Store for the latest packages and versions.

Dominating Features of Pikashow

We cannot explain Pikashow’s countless features and multiple functions. It wraps a lot of functionalities and facilities in it. We just got through its most prominent functions.

However the latest versions also support iOS 14, iOS 15. This feature is still offered by just the Pikashow App.

Offers a Diverse Range of Content

Pikashow offers a wide variety of content for its viewers. If you go for TV Channels , Movies, Live Sports , Kids Videos, Songs , News, Documentaries, Daily soups or any sort of entertaining content just open up the PikaShow. You will be at the right place.

Worldwide Live TV Channels

Pikashow has access all around the world. In a very short period it’s one of the compatible Streaming Apps. It offers a wide variety of almost 1500+ Live TV Channels. These Channels cover almost all categories of entertainment including Indian TV Channels , popular Dramas, Sports, Web Series , History, Fashion, Business and News Channels.

Online Movies/Songs

People always search for something entertaining during their free times. Pikashow is the best option for such streaming lovers. If we talk about its Movies collection , it covers almost all leading Cinemas like Bollywood, Lollywood, Hollywood. It has access over all OTT Platforms such as Amazon, Netflix , Ullu , Hotstar etc. Its collection is uncountable.

Live Sports Streaming

This is big news for Sports lovers , whether it’s a Match of Indian Premier League or Cricket World Cup Pikashow is on the top list of streaming Apps. It provides HD quality live streaming for its game lovers.

Multi-Language Support

As Pikashow is worldwide accessible, developers design it with a Multi-Language feature. Though it has an Indian origin. It is surprising for you that stream lovers can change its default language anytime with just a single click. Its Multi-Language feature is a support to its Foreign users. This feature also makes it worthy among other streams.

Customization Options

Unlike other apps , it offers wide options to its users. It offers video quality adjustment, audio adjustment, video quality options , few background options , speed , and subtitles as well. No doubt it has multiple custom features that make its users crazy.

One-Click Downloading

Most of the time you want to download videos during streaming to watch again but you cannot due to limited features . Pikashow gives a wide variety of features including download options. You can download any video anytime from Pikashow without paying extra charges.

User-Friendly Interface

Its Interface is quite easy and straightforward. It just takes a few minutes to understand its working strategy.
Even though it offers a wide variety of highly equipped Streaming Features, it is designed very simple to be easily accessed by everyone.

Anti- Ban and Secure

Last but not the least Pikashow is an anti-ban and fully secure app. It is vowed in its official statement. But as every popular app a few telecommunication companies accused this app being a malicious app and using pirated data. But there isn’t any truth in such fake news.

How to Download Pikashow for iOS Direct Method

This direct method definitely included a few technical steps. So read step by step for error free installation and it will be convenient for you. Of course this will assist you properly but you need a stable internet connection as well.

  • Navigate the Installation Settings and open it. 
  • Choose the General Option.
  • Scroll it down and choose the Background Refresh Option.
  • Just tap the Background App refresh option and go back to toggle Option Off
  • Select the Data Option , Mobile Data or Wi-Fi
  • Open the Safari Browser
  • Open the appboba.com Website
  • Go to the Search Function, write “Pikashow” and click on it.
  • Now Click the Download Button.
  • You have to wait for a few minutes for the completion of the downloading process.
  • For proper function you have to download two Apps from the taskbar and use them for thirty seconds.
  • Once both apps get completed, Pikashow App will be directly installed into you iPhone/ iOS device.

How to Download Pikashow for iOS – From App Store

You will be surprised to know that the updated version of Pikashow is now available on the Play Store. Yes, you heard right. So iPhone users can directly access this streaming app from the Play store. One more thing, they won’t pay extra for the download. Pikashow App offers countless benefits for iOS/Apple Devices.

PikaShow for iOS/iPhone v83 Free Download

If you want to get this benefit stay with us till the end. We will assist you step-by-step guideline for downloading this app easily.

  • Firstly go to the Play Store on an iPhone or iOS device.
  • For the registration you need a Gmail Account and Password for signing in the Play Store in your iPhone/iOS device.
  • After it , open Search bar Search functions and Search for Pikashow App , after getting it click on it.
  • After that you will see some of the Streaming apps , select one of them and tap the Install Button for installation.
  •  Now you have to just wait for a few minutes  for a successful installation of the app . It will take a few minutes depending on your internet speed. 
  • After installation, open the app and start streaming. 
  • Finally you get it from the Play Store.

Alternative If Pikashow  does Not Download on iOS or iPhone

Previously Pikashow wasn’t downloaded on iOS or iPhones due to some technical errors , sometimes it didn’t work properly after download. Anyway, we are going to tell you a few tricks and tips that can be helpful in case of any mishap. Moreover you can get connected with the developers in case of further assistance. 

  • Firstly, Uninstall the Old Pikashow Version from your iOS/iPhone. 
  • Again Download and Install the Latest one. 
  • Clear your iOS device/iPhone Cache or enable VPN service.
  • At last, Open the App and start using it.

Advantages of Pikashow for iOS

The Original Pikashow version doesn’t support iPhone/iOS devices. It makes it complex for iOS/iPhone to run in it on these relevant gadgets. It only supports Android devices. But now Pikashow iOS is completely designed for iOS devices . It resolved all the previous issues. Here we are penning down a few of its benefits for iOS devices.

No Jailbreaking/ Rooting

The prime benefit of Pikashow App for iOS is that it can run properly on iPhone, iPod, iPad, iOS and all Apple version gadgets without jailbreaking or rooting. Definitely this will help you keep your device warranty for a long time period.   

Support iOS 14/15

It will surprise you that the recent Pikashow for iOS is also accessible for iOS 14 and iOS 15. So you may also install and run Pikashow on your latest model of iPhone like it can work on iPhone Promax 14, all Apple OTT Watch and Apple smart TV as well. 

Easy Set-Up & Configuration

At last penning down shortly Pikashow simple installation mechanism on iOS Devices. Its download will take just a few minutes without any trouble.

Why is it the Best App for iOS?

If we say it is the best App for Best Streaming App for iOS it is not wrong . We have a lot of reasons to prove it Best App. It allows its user to stream countless entertainment material with just one click.


To run Pikashow on iOS/iPhones, either use the direct method by toggling background refresh and downloading from appboba.com or download it directly from the App Store by searching for Pikashow and installing a streaming app from the results. Ensure a stable internet connection for successful installation.

The older version of Pikashow may not work properly on your phone due to compatibility issues, bugs, or lack of support for the latest iOS updates. Consider uninstalling the older version, downloading the latest one, and clearing your device’s cache for optimal performance.

Yes, several alternatives to Pikashow include apps like Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, CinemaHD, and MoviesGo. These platforms offer diverse streaming content, though some may require a subscription fee unlike Pikashow, which is free.
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Pikashow is popular among iOS users because it offers a user-friendly experience, supports iOS 14/15, and allows streaming on Apple devices without the need for jailbreaking. Additionally, Pikashow provides a vast range of entertainment content for free, making it a preferred choice for iOS users.

Wrapping Up

In short, the latest Pikashow App for Apple/iOS works perfectly on Apple gadgets for Live Streaming for its users. It will help to get easy access to your favorite content at any place anytime. It will not burden your wallets as well. It’s a really user-friendly app and easy to download from the Play Store.

In this article step-by-step guidance is given for your complete awareness but if you still feel any problem, feel free to get connected with Pikashow APK. Get connected with us for further new blogs and updates.