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Why The Play Protect Bans PikaShow App – Guide (2024)

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: January 28, 2024

In the era of technology everybody is looking for fun and entertainment at cozy places. So people are shifting from outdoor activities to indoor activities. Same they are focusing on more modern and digital entertainment ideas. To fulfill their desires they are hugely moving towards digital entertainment.

In this time of digital competition Pikashow APK is one of the compatible streaming apps. It offers a wide range of features and allows its users to broadcast their favorite entertaining stuff live. Users can watch TV shows, Movies, Web Series, News, Live Sports and much more anytime anywhere. Users can access Pikashow APK on their smartphones, Apple devices, Laptops, and larger Screens. They can watch their favorite Videos from different countries without any problem.

Pikashow offers the best quality audio videos and enhances the viewer’s experience of streaming. It offers a free subscription without paying any registration charges. Users can enjoy high-quality videos that may give a Cinematic effect at your house. Users can enjoy home theater free of cost with families.

Why The Play Protect Bans PikaShow App

To enjoy this high-quality streaming download the Pikashow APK Latest Version and get exciting and captive video streaming on your smartphones and larger screens. It allows users a seamless video streaming. As compared to other streaming apps Pikashow has an excess range of features that make it prominent among all streaming apps.

No doubt Pikashow is a user-friendly and budget-friendly app. It allows its users very cheap premium memberships for extra high-quality features on larger screens. It is a multi-featured streaming app with unlimited benefits.

Possible Reasons for the Unavailability of Pikashow on the Play Store

As we all know that there are many apps that are not available on Google Play Store. Google Play Store is the official store for all the apps. But the unavailability of few apps on Google Play Store means it has banned various apps due to some reasons. 

However, the Pikashow app is also unavailable on Google Play Store because it is a third-party online streaming app. No doubt it has many features and allows its users to watch every sort of video and TV show without any charges. While due to some reasons it’s unavailable on Google Play Store.
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Why The Play Protect Bans PikaShow App

Click Fraud

Most of the time when you are watching videos on your device there are few ads bothering you again and again and if you click one of them that will take you to another website completely out from your site. Such apps force their viewers to watch unwanted stuff through links and ads.

Google Play Store has banned such apps that show Fraudulent clicking methods to watch ads while streaming. Pikashow is also showing such types of ads that redirect you to other sites. This is one of the possible reasons behind the unavailability of Pikashow on the Google Play Store. 


Rooting is another reason behind unavailability of apps on Google Play Store . Rooting apps affect smooth streaming and harm the working of playground apps. 

Spyware Activities

Google Play Store bans apps that have any suspicious activity like spyware. As Pikashow is a third-party streaming app and often breaches the security and safety rules of users so this app does not fulfill the security of Google Play Store. This app has allegations of leaking and accessing the users personal data without their consent. So this app may harm the device and use the personal data of viewers. 

Downloading Sources

Pikashow App is a third-party streaming app that gets easily downloaded from other sites. So such kinds of resources and downloaded apps are not good for devices. Such apps contain viruses and malware in downloading. If it is downloaded from its official websites then it may not harm the devices but from the other multiple resources, it is harmful for mobile and other operated devices. 

Google Play Store protects its users from such websites and apps that may use pirated data and contain viruses that block and ban such applications.

Pirated Content

The Pikashow app offers a variety of content with multiple languages and multiple genres. In 2022 some other streaming apps claimed pirated content used by the PikaShow app. Even those streaming apps challenged its authenticity in the Delhi High Court and accused it of using pirated content without their consent. These copyright issues also set against its availability chances on the Google Play Store.

Fix The Crashing Problems Of The Pikashow

 The Pikashow App often shows Retry Errors to users during streaming. There can be many reasons behind this Error. Users can fix the freezing or crashing issue of Pikashow by following the given methods. For complete assistance and proper guidelines read this article till the end . 

Check the Internet Connection

If users are facing Crashing problem during streaming then check your internet connection firstly. If your Pikashow streaming app is not working properly, you must check your connectivity. Check your internet speed online whether your internet is working enough to upload and download videos and movies or not. Check the internet and retry . You can also restart your router by pressing the button given on the Wi-Fi device.   

Restart Your Device

Whenever users feel slow working or crashing of Pikashow App during stream times just restart or reboot their device. By rebooting or restarting the app will fix the freezing problem . If your device has a crashing error try again after reboot. 

Reboot the Device to run PikaShow

Android devices have this feature of restart to reboot the device actions , so it will take a few minutes to restart  and work efficiently after retry. It will also shut all the background working multiple apps that may cause problems with Pikashow’s performance. Reboot will make users stream smooth and seamless. 

Force Stop The App 

Sometimes users face the issue of uninstalling the Pikashow App. Whenever Pikashow is not working smoothly and users want to uninstall it but they fail to do so. Users may use force to stop the app. They have to go to the app setting and for PikaShow they forcefully stop it from working. Through  restricted background processing you may freeze the Pikashow app for further working.

Force Stop the PikaShow App

Clear The Cache And Data

If your Pikashow App is not working properly then you must remove app cache from the app setting. By deleting apps or data cache your device will work efficiently. It will smooth your streaming and resume seamless working during the stream.

Clear Cache and Data in PiakShow by Mobile Setting

To delete the app cache, open the settings of your device and navigate to the Pikashow app . From there delete the app cache and start it again. It will definitely fix the problem and clear all bugs that interrupt the smooth working of the app. 

Download the Latest Version

Sometimes users are not aware of the updated versions. Developers of apps are continuously working on improvement and advanced features. So after a few time or months apps are updated and new versions contain some extra features for a better user experience. 

The older version of Pikashow app is not compatible with latest devices so for better experience you have to download the latest version. If you are still using the old version you have to face Retry Error or Connection Error frequently. Update the app and enjoy your favorite content without any hassle. 

Reinstall The App

If users are facing the crashing issue then Reinstall the app to resolve this problem. Reinstalling will remove all the cache data and virus from the app and get an updated version. By installing the latest version your problem will be solved without any effort.

Uninstall PikaShow from Setting

Free Up Space For Your Device

Device storage also matters a lot. If device storage is full and users cannot update the Pikashow App then it will also slow down the streaming. To update the app you need sufficient storage and an updated one. Just free up some space by deleting unwanted apps and all app cache data. To free up space you can easily update the app and get the latest version for a better experience.

Reset Your Device

As we use multiple apps and watch online stuff on the internet that may contain many cache and cookies. Without your awareness all app cache is covering your  device internal storage. So for free up space and boost your device Reset is essential. After some time you need to reset your device to free up from the virus and cache. 

However reset will also fix your problems like slow broadcasting, device speed, Connection error and retry error. The Factory reset setting will optimize your device and stop all the unwanted background functions. You just need to set a backup data option to keep your data on Google Drive before Factory Reset of your device.

Reset your mobile if PikaShow is not proper working in your mobile


Some users are facing the problem of errors and their IP address is blocked . So they should install a valid VPN app and use it to better work on the Pikashow app. VPN will speed up and smooth the working of the Pikashow app. VPN will also help users to access unlimited content on the Pikashow app without the distortion and errors of freezing or crashing.

Pros Of The Pikashow App

Pikashow App is one of the best and most popular live streaming apps of this time. It has a wide variety of content and it offers unlimited entertaining options. Users can watch their favorite content and watch unlimited movies, TV serials, sports and many more. It has the best quality audio visuals. So here are a few of the Pikashow app’s specific benefits to users.

Content Accessibility

Pikashow often provides an extensive content and wide range of Movies, videos, TV shows. It is very easy to watch because it is free of cost. So without paying any extra charges users can enjoy a wide variety of stuff on the Pikashow app. 

Offline Viewing

Pikashow app allows its users to watch content offline by downloading it without any charges. So users can watch their desired videos or movies offline anytime and anywhere easily.

PikaShow Offline Viewing

User Interface

Apart from some applications, the Pikashow app is very user friendly and easily navigated. Users can easily search their relevant content in a few seconds. 

Cons Of The Pikashow App

Everything has its pros and cons side by side, so Pikashow has few drawbacks as well. The developers are working on its improvement to make it more efficient and user friendly. These drawbacks cannot affect its streaming but our job is to make our users aware of each and every aspect of the Pikashow app. So here are a few of its drawbacks. You can avoid them to make your stream more smooth and enjoyable. 

Legal Issues

As we all know that Pikashow is an Indian origin streaming app and some other streaming apps claimed that it used pirated content . So PikaShow has been accused of copyright issues. So using such applications may lead to some consequences.  

Security Risks

Pikashow app is a third party app and downloaded from the official and some external websites easily. So such types of  third party apps are not very authentic and secure. These apps may use viewers data and breach safety rules.

Reliability Threats

Such types of third party apps use content from different platforms so in terms of reliability and quality that may not be much authentic. That may not match the requirements of official data and legal platforms.

Ads and Pop-up Notifications

Apps that are not charging their subscription fee mostly rely on advertisements . So during streams such apps show many ads on screens that bothers users. Users often experience ads and notifications during watch time. Pikashow’s features may be irritating for viewers. 

No Support and Content Restriction 

Third party apps often don’t show updates support from the notifications. So you have to get the updated versions on your behalf after some time. This lack of feature causes compatibility issues. 

Another bad thing about Pikashow is it never filters any data and shows every type of stuff without any alarm or restrictions. It is not reliable for kids and teenagers. 

Unethical Practices

This app may involve scraping content from legitimate sources without proper authorizations. So it’s not very reliable this term as well.


Due to the Pikashow app’s unavailability on Google Play Store users are concerned about its reliability. But from downloading this third-party app from its official site users make sure about its safety.

Yes, it’s free of cost to download. Users can stream unlimited content without subscription and registration charges.

Pikashow offers a diverse variety of content live and offline both. It includes Movies from multiple countries and genres, Songs, TV Dramas from different languages, Live Sports and Documentaries.

Wrapping Up

Pikashow is one of the top-rated streaming apps . It allows users to watch an unlimited variety of extensive content. The Play Protect bans PikaShow app for various reasons. This article is worth reading for users to avoid practices that can be harmful to their device. By following above mentioned solutions users can protect and make this platform secure for streaming. Through this Pikashow will not harm and breach any security term. To follow a few precautions users can enjoy a diverse content range on Pikashow and watch their desired Movies, Videos, Dramas, and Sports on Pikashow APK.