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How Do I Contact Pikashow APK & Complaint [Detailed Guide]

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: January 28, 2024

Although Pikashow is not a Google Verified Streaming app. It is not available on Google Play Store. While Pikashow APK has its official website from where you can easily download and install it. In case of any problem or query, you can ask or complain and easily contact PikaShow APK.

So, for further assistance and guidelines read this article till the end and ensure your seamless streaming ever. It is worth reading for Pikashow users and help them in case of any difficulty. We are penning down a few elementary and helpful methods for solving errors while streaming.

How Do I Contact Pikashow APK & Complaint

Pikashow APK is considered as one of the best, top-rated streaming apps that provides high-quality audio-video content online. It has a diverse fan following around the globe. That’s why it is considered as the best broadcasting application for fun lovers. It allows you every type of content including TV dramas, TV series, Sports Channels, Live entertaining stuff. 

However, a short time ago Pikashow APK showed some technical systematic error that affected its streaming. Such problems are Retry Errors, Connection Errors etc. This problem was pathetic for streamers and they were worried about its resolutions. These errors can be solved without any developer’s help. Users can fix such errors in PikaShow by following the given suggestions. 

Recently faced issues can be resolved and easy to fix by following a few steps. For these, you don’t have to contact the official website or developers. This article will be worth reading for the users to avoid and fix the minor bugs and retry errors of Pikashow App. Such issues are caused by slow Connections, old versions  and cache data. Kindly follow the given instructions step by step properly.

Major Causes of  The Pikashow App Not Working

As we already discussed few major problems because of those Pikashow APK stops working sometimes. These issues bother users while streaming. These issues interrupt the streaming of Pikashow APK. These errors can be fixed by using or following few steps. Here we are going to discuss some major problems and their solutions. Kindly follow the given steps to avoid problems during your streams.

Server Issues

It is one of the primary problems faced frequently by the users. Exactly what happens during, is due to bugs and interruption streaming might be affected. It slows down the streaming. If the app is not working properly you should understand its server issue. Go and check the server connectivity of your application. It has a status through which you can easily get whether it has created an issue or not. Server Issues can easily fixable and you can resolve it within a short time.

App Under Maintenance

If your app has such an issue then definitely before the app maintenance developers will update on site. Otherwise if your App is showing Retry error kindly check the website of Pikashow APK and get know whether it is app maintenance or not. 

This ongoing process causes issues for users . It affects the smooth streaming services and stops the broadcasting as well. For its resolution you have to wait for few hours until and unless  the app maintenance get finished 

Internet Connection Issues

Sometimes users face the issue during streams due to their slow internet connection . That can be a less speedy connection might take time in loading and live streaming. Poor connectivity also affects the smooth streaming . 

For the proper and seamless streaming of Pikashow APK you need a stable internet connection. With a working connection you can enjoy videos and movies of high quality. If in case your app is not working properly kindly check your internet connection and easily solve your connectivity error. 

Cast Errors

One of the major causes behind Cast Error is whenever users cast Pikashow by using Chromecast with LCD or LED they may face this error. By Screencasting users connect Pikashow with their smart TV or Apple TV . Always casting error is caused due to incompatibility of the device or by using the wrong method of connection.

Taking Time in Buffering

Sometimes users face interruption during live streaming; it is just because of buffering of the app. Pikashow app often requires a  long time to load the videos or other searched content. This buffering issue is irritating for users and creates problems in smooth streaming services. 

Sometimes this issue is faced due to glitches in the device or it can be due to slow internet connection. To avoid such errors, kindly restart your device once or check the Internet speed.

How Do I Contact Pikashow APK & Complaint [Detailed Guide]

How to Fix the Retry Errors of Pikashow APK

To avoid Retry and Connection Errors you can contact the official website or you can easily fix it on your own. These errors slow down the streaming and streamers have to face many problems while using Pikashow. If you have such issues then follow the instructions given below and stream smoothly. 

Check the Server Status

First of all you have to open the Pikashow APK official site and check the updates. It may stop working or the server will crash . It needs a stable internet connection to work. If your app server is down, contact the officials of the website and inform them quickly about the problem . Your issue will be fixed or it may take a little time to resolve.

Check the Device Compatibility

For the seamless and proper streaming of Pikashow APK a device should be compatible. Without compatibility Pikashow APK will not work smoothly. If you are using the latest version then you have less chances of not working the app but if you are using the oldest version you will face the streaming errors. 

Pikashow has frequent crash issues , to solve this you have to check the compatibility of your device and the  version of the app. Open your device setting and check the compatibility of your device. If your device is incompatible then update the version of the app and get the latest version of Pikashow APK. 

Clear Cache

One of the easy methods to solve the Retry Errors is clearance of Cache Data. The app cache creates problems and needs to be cleared from the Android and iOS devices for seamless stream. 

Clear Cache Of PikaShow form Settings

To clear the App Cache open the Settings of Pikashow APK and clear the App’s Cache. After it your error will be fixed and all bugs will be cleaned. 

Update the App

Pikashow developers are continuously working on its improvements. It is working on a better experience for the viewers. With the passage of time every app needs updates to beat the market place and fulfill the users demands. Same with Pikashow, its updates make it smooth for streaming. If Pikashow is not working properly on your device check the app status from the settings and Update it if you are using the oldest version. The latest version will help you to solve the errors of the update.

Download the Latest Version of PikaShow by button given below:

Disable VPN

VPN is the Casting App which helps users to access the Pikashow app on all devices easily. . While VPN doesn’t improve the functionality of Streaming apps. Often it slows down the working of Pikashow APK and affects the streaming. Due to VPN Pikashow may show Retry Errors. If you are using VPN on the same device just disable the VPN and start your Streaming app after it. After restart your app will not show the Retry Error again. 

Check The Internet Connection

For the usage of any live streaming app you need a stable internet connection. In the case of Pikashow APK you also need a working Internet Connection to watch movies, dramas, news and sports. A better connection can easily allow you to stream videos and movies  without any problem or delay. 

However if you have a poor internet connection you are unable to stream efficiently. You can fix the retry error by stabilizing your connection. If you have this problem , kindly restart your router or check your internet speed.  

Restart Your Device

After applying all of the above mentioned issues , your Pikashow APK is still not working smoothly just restarting your device. By rebooting your device you can fix this issue. It will also remove your bugs and make your app efficient.

Reboot the Device to run PikaShow

Reinstall the Pikashow 

Whenever Pikashow is showing connection Error or Retry Error ,it may have several reasons. You may contact the developers through the website or uninstall the app and reinstall it on your device. Reinstalling the app will remove all the cache data from the app , also remove all the bugs and the latest updated version will enhance your experience with updated features. By reinstallation the app will stream smoothly and all the problems will be fixed.

Where to Contact PikaShow APK Regarding Errors

Every app provides ways to connect them in case of any difficulty or query. Because the solution of technical issues are given on the app’s official website. So for the queries regarding Pikashow and solution of technical problems may be solved with the help of developers. For  the contact in case of queries and solutions of your problems use the free services of Pikashow APK. The app team is trying its best to facilitate the users by providing them efficient and vigilant answers. 

With the help of the official website Pikashow APK users can get their solutions for errors. You can also complain there to the developers regarding any unusual issue. A team is always there to answer your queries and facilitate you. To get access to the website , kindly download the official app and write your queries and comments there. These issues are not too complicated to worry about at all. These may be solved by the above mentioned suggestions.


Pikashow app may crash due to several reasons. It can be due to external bugs, cache data or viruses. It can be fixed by closing the app or stopping the apps working in the background. If you are using the oldest version then there are also chances of app crash. Sometimes if your device is incompatible then it also crashes down. Kindly update the app for best streaming experiences.

The major reason behind delay or not loading the videos is poor internet connection. Slow connection of the internet also slows down the loading of media stuff. For better experience clear the all app cache and update the app version.

Yes, VPN affects the performance of Pikashow apps because VPN has no authentic and effective connection. If your Pikashow app is not properly functioning just disconnect your VPN connection and try again. This will fix your problem.

Wrapping Up

 Meanwhile Pikashow APK is considered as the best streaming app among all the streaming apps. This is one of the compatible and valuable apps for all stream lovers. This app gained a huge fan following in a very short period of time because of its range of unbeatable features. It provides a variety of video content including Movies, Dramas, Web Series, Live Sports, Documentaries, Songs and much more. You can stream your favorite stuff anytime, anywhere. It is a user and budget friendly streaming app. It is most compatible with all devices and you can download it for Android, iOS, MacBook, and Apple devices. 

Pikashow offers more than 50 languages all around the world. It also allows users to navigate their desired stuff. It includes multiple genres of entertainment.

As we all know every app has its pros and cons, so Pikashow often shows Retry and Connection Errors. These errors may irritate the users during streams. These errors can be fixed by applying simple methods. For the solution of these errors users may contact the official website or solve by above mentioned instructions. These errors can be reported on the official website and fixed within a short time. 

By restarting, deleting cache data or reinstalling the app it can be easily removed the bugs and avoid such errors. For further details and guides kindly bookmark our website and turn on the notification option for further details and latest posts.