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PikaShow for TV Download (Mi TV Stick/Samsung/Sony/TCL/LG)

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: December 15, 2023

People always love to watch their favorite videos and TV shows on large screens. So to fulfill their desires they always search for streaming apps that give the best picture quality free of cost. Pikashow for TV Download offers free-of-cost packages for its free users.


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Pikashow’s Worth

Pikashow offers the best quality picture in premium packages as well as free of cost. Pikashow is a high tech device that is designed for Android devices. So people think that its use on large screens may burden their pockets but few hacks can make it easy for large screens such as PCs, TVs, Laptops, Firestick.

PikaShow for TV Download (Mi TV Stick/Samsung/Sony/TCL/LG)

Benefits of Pilashow

For watching your favorite content you need to have a stable internet connection and the best streaming app. That gives you perfect screen quality and doesn’t waste your time in processing.

Quality Content

Pikashow can easily be attached to a Smart TV without wasting your time.
It has the best quality Pictures that give you a theater experience. Every uploaded content on Pikashow is available in 360p, 420p and 4k. It has a high influence rate. 

It has the best quality Pictures that give you a theater experience. Every uploaded content on Pikashow is available in 360p, 420p and 4k. It has a high influence rate. 

Live Streaming

Pikashow is developed as a highly featured streaming app for movies and TV Channels. Where you can watch your favorite movie and TV Channel anytime anywhere or live.


Streaming Apps mostly give your desired content on your demand. It gives you the convenience of your choice.


It provides its users an altar best option in place of Dish, Cable, antenna or satellite options.

Original Content

Few Streaming apps generate their own series and content which is difficult to subscribe without paid subscription but you can get any content any video , movie on Pikashow.

Offline viewing

Some streaming Apps give this feature to download and view it offline, Pilshow is one of them . It takes care of its users every desire.

Picture Quality

Of Course watching your desired content like daily shows, movies, sports, news on the internet should be adorable to you. Keeping users’ desires in mind, Pikashow’s developers designed this streaming app that gives quality pictures . Its HD video quality attracts users to download this app. In TV screens, Laptops , MAC, PCs and FireStick give the touch of Cinemas and Theaters at home.

This article is worth reading for those who want to know about the best gadgets that run the PikaShow app. In this article, we will discuss how to download Pikashow and use it on TV?

 Reasons For Watching Pikashow on TV

Pikashow is designed in a manner that it can easily run on some smart devices and iOS gadgets by default. However, it is unable to install on a few of the devices because of some system restrictions. For access of these configurations, settlements didn’t require any fee.

PikaShow for TV Download (Mi TV Stick/Samsung/Sony/TCL/LG)

Pikashow is a popular app worldwide but few users are unaware of its benefits. They don’t know how to use Pikashow on TV screens for streaming.

Pikashow’s fun and benefits of screen-casting on smart TVs are all discussed here.

Saves Your Money

If we look at Pilashow’s revenue we get to know that it has a  premium paid package but without demanding content and specific features that include paid packages, Pikashow offers free-of-cost services. That can help you to spend your quality time by watching videos, shows, movies, and much more entertaining stuff. Perhaps by avoiding all that demanding features you can enjoy Pikashow on TV with all the wrap privileges that Pikashow gives.

Benefits of Watching Stuff on Large Screens

Although in this era of hassle mostly people prefer to watch their favorite stuff during other activities but for quality time or preference of enjoyment Pilashow streaming on large screens is the best choice. Apart from a paid cinema and watching the latest movies and documentaries there you can choose the Pikashow option for your larger screens at home. It will give you the best memory of Cinematic or home theater  when you play Pikashow at your place. 

FHD Video Quality

Most of the time we use apps that are limited in their picture quality features. As market competition Pikashow gives its users a desired quality of their choice. Like few other compatible streaming apps Pikashow also offers video Quality option to its users. You can select FPS between 320p, 440p, 1020p and 4K during watching videos. 

Rare Ad Experience 

As we experienced pop-up adverts frequently during live streaming of Pikashow in our Androids . But the case is completely altered in large screens or TV. You can mute frequent ads on TV or block ads that may disturb you during stream sessions.

Subtitle Support

Pikashow has an amazing feature of subtitle support during the transmission. It is providing more than 15 online subtitles platforms. It provides subtitle support in all categories so if you cannot find subtitles anyway then you can export them from any other platform or from external resources in just one click. It facilitates its users with a wider variety of options.

External Audio Connections

Without a perfect voice any stream is not enjoyable so Pikashow gives you your desired voice extension as well. Like Android you can use headphones or hands free while watching videos. You can attach an external Adonic system for your desired effect on TV screens. You can easily make a perfect audio sensation at your home theater.

Zero Buffering

Due to some developer’s slow system sometimes we cannot get active access to our apps while Pikashow is considered as minimal buffering in TV streaming. It hardly takes a few seconds to get attached to your large screens ,it just needs your internet stable speed . It is another evidence of Pikashow streaming on TV.

Night Mode

Very few apps are actually concerned with your health. You are lucky to have Pikashow as a concerned one because it is a healthy app that gives you Night Mode effect. The latest Pikashow APK has Eye Comfort Mode  for its users. It easily reduces eye pinching light and helps to reduce eye strain and also gives clear videos.

Registration Free Access

Pikashow is a highly preferable app for TVs as well as Androids. But its plus point is it didn’t require any registration for running in TVs. It just needs a compatible device and a stable internet connection for the attachment with large screens. It won’t need any registration or sign-ups for access on TVs.

How to Install Pikashow on Smart TV

Although SmartTV needs a stable Wi-Fi connectivity to run Pilashow App on it but as compared to SmartTV simple TV or large screens use mirror effect for Pikashow’s access. We are giving you step by step instructions to get over the Pikashow App in your Smart TV. Just follow all steps to avoid errors during installation.

  • Turn on your Smart TV.
  • Connect it with a speedy Internet connection
  • Open TV Settings on Menu Tab
  • Just open Google Play Store
  • Search for ES File Explorer
  • Install the App here 
  • After complete installation Open Default Browser
  • Paste this link in Search bar: http:Pikashowapk.com
  • Download the app and just move backed to you EP File Explorer
  • Open Local Disk and Search the Pikashow APK 
  • Getting Pikashow APK just double tap the Icon
  • Let it Install on your Smart TV
  • It will take your few minute in Installation
  • Installed , Now open it and enjoy complete access to your favorite content.

How to Install Pikashow on MI TV Stick

For installation of  Pikashow on MI TV you have to go through some configuration settings and technical steps. Don’t worry we will guide you step by step how to connect your MI TV with Pikashow streaming App?

  • Firstly you should enable your VPN setting to avoid legal issues while playing Pikashow   on the MI TV Stick device.
  • Turn On your MI TV stick and go to the Settings.
  •  Double tap the device preference and navigate to the security settings.
  •  Security settings have some restrictions.
  •  For verification of the app turn On the Verification setting.
  •  Go back to MI TV Stick Home page.
  • Select Menu to get more apps
  •   Go top on the Search Option and type downloader
  • Choose the App that will appear in search and Press Installation button 
  • After Installation, Run app in your device
  • Got to Setting and Turn ON APK Auto Install
  • Go for Navigation on Home Menu
  • Click the URL Bar
  • Search the link https://pikashowhdapp.com
  • Click and go.
  • Go to web page , scroll it down to download
  • Click the download button and wait for the action to be completed
  • Go for the Installation button 
  • Choose Delete option on given command
  • Click Delete Again  and Confirm
  • Congo. The full process of downloading is completed on MI TV 
  • Now Enjoy Streaming. 

How to Install Pikashow on LG/Sony/Samsung/Acer/Redmi/Micromax

If you are smart TV users like LG, TCL, Sony, Samsung, Acer, Redmi, Linux, and Micromax you are user of advanced applications. Pickashow effectively works on all these respective devices. For effective progress, there isn’t any need for charges. For complete assistance follow these given steps.

  • Start your procedure from opening Android Smart TV
  • Open Google Play Store on your Smart TV
  • Send Input Files to TV from Play Store Search Menu
  • Install it completely in your device
  • After complete installation repeat all process of installation on your Android /Smartphone
  • After that search for a File Manager App on your android TV
  • Go for the Pikashow APK app for your Smartphone. Download it.
  • After it, open the downloaded file .
  • Send this file to your smart TV App on your TV and phone both
  • Now send the Pikashow APK file via Send File to TV App on your android phone. 
  • File will appear in File Manager App
  • Go for Navigation to the Setting Option in your Smart TV
  • In settings Scroll Downward and tap the security and Restrictions.
  • Must Enable all Unknown Resources 
  • Choose the Pikashow App and click it. Let it completely Install on your smart TV Device/WebOS.
  • Open the App after completion and start using it on your smart devices. 

This procedure is for all TV devices, e.g. TCL, Samsung,Tizen, and all Smart Operating  Systems installed in large Screens.

How to Install Pikashow on Firestick/Fire TV

For the complete and error-free installation of Pilashow APK App on your TVs need complete attention to avoid errors during installment.

Pikashow for Firestick Download (Amazon FireTV-Alexa)

Step by step we go through updated methods of running Pikashow APK freely on TV. It just includes some technical steps that need proper attention. Follow all steps consciously to get your best experience on Pikashow APK.

  • Open Fire TV and select the Settings.
  • Click MY Fire on Given Visible Options.
  • Navigate the Operations. 
  • Go to the Developer Option and ON it.
  • ON the Apps from given Unknown Source Options.
  • Go back to the Home Page.
  • Click the Search Menu.
  • Type Downloader  the Input Bar.
  • Tap on Yellow-Colored Downloader Icon 
  • Click the Install Option.
  • Open the Installed App
  • Allow the access to media and files
  • Paste the given Pikashow  App link 
  • Paste it in URL Bar: https://pikashowhdapp.com/
  • Click the download Button to install the app
  • Start the Installation Process
  • Click OK after installation 
  • Search for Safe Storage Option 
  • Delete the APK App from Safe a Storage
  • Click delete option
  • Move back to the App and start watching your videos on PilaShow APK.


Meanwhile, Pikashow Streaming App enhances your Streaming experience and does not stress your wallets. Developers are paying attention to improving its quality day by day to make it more comfortable and compatible with other apps and devices. Users should bookmark Pikashow APK for the notifications of updates.

That will make their experience wider with Pikashow APK. It will make them more familiar with Pilashow APK updates and its developments. This article is worth reading for streaming lovers. Most of the app’s access varies from place to place and devices as well. In this case Pikashow APK gives its users worldwide similar efficiency.

It works in the same manner on large screens and every category of smart TV. For the latest features, keep in touch with us, it will notify you of your current status and reputation of any Streaming services you choose to use , as it may change over time.