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Is PikaShow App Banned In India? – Revealing The Truth

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: January 29, 2024

Pikashow has been banned in India after Delhi High Court Decision that is in favor of few Streaming Companies approached and claimed that Pikashow is using Pirated Content without their Consent.

This news was really shocking for Pikashow users. They are trying to unveil the fact behind this dilemma. If you want to know the fact behind this story read this article till the end.

During the case Delhi High Court provided several opportunities to the developers to prove this thing wrong but unfortunately after many attempts the developers failed to do so. As a result Delhi High Court ordered Telecommunication Authorities to ban this Streaming App in the whole country. 

Is PikaShow App Banned In India

Meanwhile, it was the talk of the town that Pikashow’s Reliability is not worthy after the Court’s decision. It became challenging for Pikashow to prove its Reliability and Legal Status in different Forums. This thing hit its fan following and mostly users labeled it as completely malware however few of them are still in its favor. 

Finding the Truth Behind Pikashow App Ban

As we all know that PikaShow is not available on Google Play Store. The major reason behind the removal of the Pikashow App from the Google Play Store is its Copyright and security threats.

Though it has several reasons behind its ban but these two above-mentioned are the prime reasons . 

Delhi High Court has banned Pikashow App for streaming nonconsent content of the owners. Another reason is its unavailability at the official App Store. Due to these facts its suspicious for users , indicating several security and safety threats. It has poor Privacy Standards. It also exhibits Spam Links that made it unreliable for users in India.
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Display of Copyrighted Content

The utmost reason behind the app ban is its copyrighted content. Some other streaming apps owners claimed that Pikashow is using their content without their consent. Pikashow was also using some pirated content. Later on it was declared that the app added some illegal content from OTT Platforms as well. Few other software developers also complained and took this case to the Delhi High Court. 

Includes External Links

Pikashow shows some links and ads during streaming, if you click on any link it will take you to some other websites completely out of content. 

So basically it’s an illegal act of Pikashow to redirect users to some third party websites. It is sort of manipulation users experienced during using Pikashow, so many users complained that its not reliable. 

Not Available on Official Apps Store

One of the suspicious things that make Pikashow less trustworthy is its unavailability on Google Play Store. Google Play Store is the biggest forum of All android Apps , all customized and official applications are available on Google Play Store. 

Is PikaShow App Banned In India? – Revealing The Truth

This is the red flag for Pikashow. The unavailability of Applications on Google Play Store is a testament for apps that didn’t pass the security test by Google. Apart from Google you can download it from different websites. 

Malware & Viruses

The reliability of applications is tested through their downloading source. All the devices that are safe and secure for androids are available on Google Play Store. But Pikashow is not available there . So if you want to download it you have to visit any third party website. That’s an unsafe procedure. 

All websites are not trustworthy that might contain malware and viruses. If you are downloading Pikashow from any site containing malware and virus might harm your device and access your data and stuff inside the device. 

Accusation of Data Theft

As some software companies accuse Pikashow of using pirated content , it makes Pikashow suspicious in data theft. 

Another thing is it asks for permission to access your device, gallery, contacts and location. Users get it permit so their data and personal information may be insecure and have high risk of security. 

Error for Uninstallation

Once you install Pikashow on your device, you won’t uninstall it . To uninstall it you are not able to do so because you will not be able to find an uninstallation option anywhere. Meanwhile you have to take help of toolkits to remove this app from your device.

Negative Reviews

As we already discussed, it gets negative remarks for its security options. Many users shared bad experiences in reviews regarding security. Even few users accuse on Pikashow of data theft.

Concerns About Reliability Of the Pikashow App

Apart from security threats on Pikashow App users are really concerned about PilaShow’s future reliability. The developers are continuously investing money in updating the app’s features but after its ban in India people are worried whether it will work in future or not. 

Google Play Store’s Pop-up Notifications

When you download such apps from third party websites or external sources you get a notification from Google Play Store stating as “this app could harm your device”. Google Play Store Warns you to avoid such devices that are not reliable for android devices. In the case of Pikashow Google also alerts you for threats and system security.

Google Play Store’s Pop-up Notifications

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Explicit Content

Pikashow is downloaded from external websites so it has no restrictions on any content. During streaming it shows explicit content without any restriction. That content is completely inappropriate for kids and adults. In short it does not have any parental  feature or Content Tracking Mode for filtration.   

Accusation on App Developers

Pikashow has been accused of pirated content in 2022 so the Indian High Court ordered to arrest the developers for practicing unlawful acts. They were arrested for using pirated content. 

Promoting the Afghan Cricket Team.

After the Case in Indian High Court Pikashow wasn’t allowed to broadcast on national TV in India while Pikashow developers chose another way to get ratings and promotions again. 

During Asia Cup 2022 Pikashow collaborated with and started sponsoring the Afghan Cricket Team. They started broadcasting their Live matches . This act made Pikashow guilty and the High Court ordered to block this app from all over India.
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Shisham Badiya is the developer of Pikashow.

Yes, this app get pirated content that may be harmful for your device and data too. This pirated data is copied from other OTT platforms without their consent so this app is not available on Google Play Store. Downloading this app from a third party or external source means it’s illegally downloaded from the other sources rather than the original one.

Yes it gets downloaded from third-party websites and not available on Google Play Store due to its security threats. So you can Download PikaShow from our website which is risk-free.

Not downloading the Pikashow app on your device is not an illegal process because there isn’t any rooting or jailbreaking  for iOS and Android devices to get this app onto your phone.

Wrapping Up

Concluding this long debate in short as Pikashow has been banned in India by Delhi High Court due to factual allegations by the other streaming apps. Pikashow is stealing content from other sites and redirecting users on external websites , also displaying spam links to users . 

It has no valid route for security and has threats for users after it gets removed from the Google Play Store. The developers were arrested on behalf of valid reasons given by oppositions in Delhi High Court. 

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