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PikaShow VS Cinema HD: Explore the Best Streaming Apps

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: January 28, 2024

Pikashow VS CinemaHD, Which one is the best of these two streaming apps? Do you want the answer to this question? Well In the market of Online streaming more and more apps are emerging with time but there is still competition remaining in the best ones. In this article, we are going to deeply analyze the local and unique features, legal status, and charges required of the apps Pikashow and CinemaHD.

Note:-  It is clear that the information provided in this article by us is the result of the deep research of our team and data collection from different sources to give the audience more accurate and refined information, The purpose of this article is not to promote any app.

Moreover, we will provide the links to download both apps directly redirecting from their official download links.

PikaShow VS Cinema HD

A short overview of Pikashow VS Cinema HD

It is gone when people go to cinemas and Theaters in order to watch their favourite movies and shows. This trend is replaced by TVs, smart TVs. Now this trend of television is about to end and the latest mode of entertainment is replaced by Streaming apps which lets the user watch their favourite movies and shows anywhere at any time.

However, with the advancement of the app market, thousands of streaming apps have been launched that allow the user to stream their content free of cost or with the payment of charges.

In this article within the thousands of streaming apps, we are going to extensively relate the apps Pikashow and CinemaHD. We hope that this article will help them to choose the right one upon their need.

Nature of the FeatureCinema HDPikahsow
Availability on Plays toreNot AvailableNot Available
Downloading OptionsAllowedAllowed
Parental control featureAvailableNot Available
CompatibilityAndroids/iOS/PCs/Mac/iPhones/Smart TVsAndroids/iOs/PCs/Mac/iPhones/Smart TVs
User InterfaceSimple and Easy to useSimple and easy to use
Content RangeMovies/Webseries/Live TV showsMovies/Webseries/Live TV shows/Sports/Documentaries/Dramas
Subtitle supportSupportedSupported

Basic Introduction to Pikashow and Cinema HD

Both the apps are Indian-originated and compete with each other in order to offer features for streaming content for users. Therefore both apps provide almost the same features to each other rather than dominate the other one on the basis of legality and ads- support, safety, and privacy.

Pikashow gives the latest movies, dramas, and Live TV channels. Song galleries etc. On the other hand, CinemaHD gives Live TV Channels, Movies, etc.

Similar features offered by both apps

As mentioned earlier, there are some features offered by both apps. What are those features? We will take a glance at the details of it.

Streaming features

It is true that Pikashow and CinemaHD are the top stars in the market of online streaming. These are the most popular apps whose fame can be checked from the Google trending Graph as well:

Limitless content

Both apps give limitless content access to their users and gather it from different sources to a single platform. They give access to the latest Movies, Dramas, web series, 1000+ TV Channels, etc.

Premium Streaming Options

Pikashow and Cinema HD offer Premium Streaming Options to stream on it. They provide personalized features such as forward, backward, and Pause/Resume the video.

Single Click Downloading

Both apps give the option of single-click downloading through which the user can download and watch their favourite movies to download and watch later.

Chromecasting Feature

Watching and streaming your favourite content and movies on your Android or iOS mobile phone is fun but watching it on your LED or LCD enhances the fun experience. In order to upgrade the fun experience for their audience both the app offers a chrome casting featureThrough the feature the user can now access the same entertainment media and experience it on the big screen of its smart TV.

Regular Updates

Both apps are updated regularly from time to time in order to fix the issues or bugs experienced by the audience and optimize the entertainment experience in order to let the app perform actively and efficiently.

User’s misconceptions and thoughts

Our team has researched for hours in order to give you a brief and accurate answer to your misconceptions and clear all your thoughts about each and every aspect of these two apps.

Streaming source:-

According to our research both the apps do not own the streaming content as they fetch the original content of platforms like Netflix etc, through third parties. In this way both the apps have a wide range of streamable content.

Range of content:-

Comparatively, both the apps have a wide range of media collection but Pikashow surpasses its competitor by miles in this manner and offers a huge and diverse variety of entertainment material and much more to stream.

Streaming video Qualities:-

Streamers prefer an app that provides smooth streaming with advanced video quality. It is one of the core aspects of both the apps as both the apps provide a high-quality video streaming experience with smooth streaming. Both the apps offer 720p, 1080p, HDR, and up to 4k quality of video experience.

Additional features of streaming:-

With all its streaming features, Pikashow and CInema HD also offer a lot of other features in order to facilitate and give a better entertainment experience to the user. Additional features include Chromecast, built-in media player, multiple languages content, etc.

Availability on Play Store:-

Generally, for a common person, every app should be available on the Play Store, Microsoft Store, Apple Store, etc.

Here through our latest research, both apps are unavailable on the Play Store. In order to find the reason for this, we have approached and researched through advanced resources and come to know that both the apps are unavailable on Play Store and that both do not fulfill the security requirements of the Google Play Store policy rather both apps third party websites with the official link of the app to download it through google.

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Compatibility with the devices:-

Both apps are compatible with almost every kind of digital and streaming device like Firestick, Thop TV, Roku TV, and as well as Android devices, iOS devices, PCs, Laptops, tablets, iPads, etc.


As far as the legal status of both the apps is concerned, we have already asked that through our research both the apps are unavailable on the Play Store, which means that Google is not satisfied with the User security and privacy measurement of these apps.
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User experience:-

It is obvious that both the apps meet all the recommendations of the streaming apps and provide all the features offered by the streaming apps., therefore they are recommended on high preference.

Global Accessibility:-

Both the apps are Indian-originated and the developers have developed it so they could be available for everyone internationally. The user can download and experience all the best streaming of both apps by using a paid or high-rated VPN.

Customer services:-

If there’s a user that finds any problem regarding the streaming or content available on both the apps. Cinema HD provides customer support which allows to user to directly discuss the problem with the developers and get its issue resolved.

On the other hand, for Pikashow the user can interact with the developers and discuss their issues to get resolved directly through the official website of the Pikashow app.

Which is the Best one

In the end, let’s summarize our research by giving our final decision on which one is the best app for streaming. Now we will make the check for each app that hits the specific feature as a point.

Free cost:-

Talking about the pocket-friendly app, Pikashow hits a point as offering all its content and premium features free of cost while Cinema HD is paid and offers some features free of cost as well.

Parental control:-

Talking about parental control, Cinema HD offers this feature for the beneficial aspect of parents. Initially, this feature was unable for the Pikashow app but through our latest research, it is known that this feature is also introduced in Pikashow as well.

Latest media accessibility:-

Pikashwo and Cinema HD both the apps give the user direct access to the latest media and trending content.


Pikashow is not available on the app store because it was unable to fulfill the security requirements of the Google Play Store.

Although a major portion of the streaming apps offer their streaming services through subscription plans, on the other side Pikashow offers all its services free of cost without any charges.


We have extensively explained our research and cleared each and every aspect through every point of view so that it might clear your mind and help you to choose the best one for yourself. Moreover, we have researched for many hours consistently through different sources so that we might be able to give the answer for which one you want to know.

Besides you can add the home screenshot cut to our website and add our website to as a bookmark and allow the notification so that you will be notified whenever we publish a new article on your favourite streaming app Pikashow.