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Pikashow Changelog – A Guide to All Versions and Improvements

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: January 28, 2024

Pikashow is a popular streaming app which provides multiple features and quality content including movies, songs, live TV Channel etc. Pikashow has a huge fan following in a very short time just because of its easy user interface and excessive features. Pikashow allows you to stream HD-quality content. It gives multiple options for language. Users can select any of their understandable languages. It gives the free download option so users can download movies, songs and other stuff with their selected video resolution quality.

Overall, Pikashow APK is famous worldwide. Users can easily download it and use it on android devices, smart TVs, PCs, Apple gadgets and iOS devices. This article is worth reading for users to get aware of PikaShow changelog options and its download methods.

Pikashow Changelog – A Guide to All Versions and Improvements

Pikashow Download

Everybody is anxious to know where we can download the Pikashow app because it is not available on Google Play Store. So here we are going to tell you the complete method of downloading and installation of Pikashow. So read the article till the end for proper guidance and avoid the inconvenience.

Download Pikashow Latest Version

How to Install Pikashow?

To download Pikashow is a tough task for users and it is the most frequently asked question. So here is a comprehensive answer for users and a complete step-by-step guideline.

Before starting the procedure here we want to tell you that follow the steps to reduce errors chances.

  • First of all, open the official website of Pikashow and click the download option to get the latest version of the app. 
  • Just wait for a few moments, as the server prepares to work on the request.
  • After downloading the app, open the Device Settings.
  • Click the Security Options and Enable Unknown Sources to allow this app access in the device storage.
  • Next , Navigate to File Manager and Download Folder .
  • Track and Launch the Pikashow APK File to get the Installation Procedure.
  • Permit the asked Permissions on screen like access to Gallery, Media, and Location.
  • Finally the app icon will appear on your homepage . 
  • Click the app and start streams.

Pikashow Changelog – All Versions with Detailed

Here we are going to discuss Pikashow’s versions and their main features. So stay tuned with us to get more information for your device’s updated version. 

Unfortunately, PikaShow does not have any official changelog option for the public but here we are going to share a few of its practically done online sources that can make some known changes for specific features.

So here are a few of Pikashow’s versions that have some significant improvements over time.

Pikashow v10.0

This version was released in January 2023. It offers a completely novel user interface. This version also gives enhanced streams and more language access. So this version has specific enhanced features. 

Pikashow v10 7.0 11.1 MB 

This version was released on 25th of October ,2022. Basically this version fixes minor Bugs and improves the progress of the streaming app. It also expanded the music and movies library. 

Pikashow v9.0

This version was introduced in July ,2022. This version is specially for live sports streaming. It also customized the user’s profile. Both features in this updated version are out of class. 

Pikashow v8.5

This version was introduced in March ,2022.  This version gives a wide range of programming to search for  unlimited content. Most of the people avoid this app due to unfiltered options but this version gives Parental Control features over here. 

Pikashow v8.0 

This version provides download options and integration with TV. These options are also missing on the other versions but with the time passage PikaShow improved in every step. 

Pikashow v7.5

This version was launched in August,2021. This added regional content options and also enhanced the data security measures. 

Pikashow APK v10 7.2 11.2 MB

This version was introduced in April 2021. It was considered as a new genre for TV serials and Movies. It also enhanced the streaming via easy navigation . It further improves the user interface.

Pikashow V85

This version was launched on 26 October ,2023. It added a complete support  mechanism for 8k video streaming. It improves the app quality as well. 

Pikashow V83

This version was introduced on 25 August 2023. It provides support for live TV channels. It allows the Chromecast support for telecast any content on TV. Improve the users experience by fixing the bugs and crash errors. 

Pikashow V81

It launched on 15 July, 2023. It added support for offline downloading content mechanisms. Also provided subtitles options to foreigners by providing multiple language options. It also fixed the bugs and error problems. 

Pikashow V79

This version was launched on 20 May 2023. It introduced  an updated  redesigned easy user interface for further enhanced experiences. It also improved the content quality and easy search options. It also added playback video quality. This version fixed crashes and bugs from early versions.  

Pikashow V75

This version was introduced on 25th January ,2023. It enhanced the content library with the addition of movies, TV shows and live channels.  It also introduced a new system of content recommendation by personal insertion. 

Pikashow V77

This version was introduced on 15 March ,2023. It added support for a wider range of video formats. It also improved the stability and performance of the app.


Pikashow is a world famous streaming app and designed for android devices. So it is highly recommended for all androids. If we talk about its versions then definitely the latest version is more refined and multi feature as compared to old versions. These updates are just to improve the app quality and add extra features to increase the app capability.

Yes , definitely Pikashow APK’s latest version provides the option to connect your device with TV, Laptop and big screens. Users can enjoy their streams on larger screens and get to cinematic effect without paying extra.


Pikashow is widely known for its best features and excessive range of content. With time passing Pikashow improved a lot of features and still developers are working on its enhancement. Early versions lacked multiple features and day by day Pikashow increased its quality and features. New updated versions are refined and have extra features as compared to previous ones.