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How can I Download Movies and Videos from PikaShow?

Category: PikaShowUpdated on: December 16, 2023

Knowing or hearing about an application or a beneficial service is great, but not having enough knowledge to use the service or the app is shameful. I know you are looking for the downloading procedure of the Pikashow and are still confused about how the downloading of the Pikashow actually works. Don’t worry we are going to resolve all your problems in this article and introduce you to the easiest way to download movies and videos from PikaShow.

Before proceeding further with the downloading method let’s have a brief introduction of the Pikashow app, only for the facility of the audience that is new to our website and doesn’t know anything about Pikahsow.

How can I Download Movies and Videos from PikaShow

Brief Intro to Pikashow:-

Pikashow is a streaming platform that was developed and originated by Indians and has a lot of services with unlimited content free of cost. It offers all its content to its users in high-quality video and is compatible with all devices like Android, iOS, iPads, etc.

Why do we choose Pikahsow for downloading movies?

Before downloading we have to know the purpose that why we are downloading the movies or any content we want to through this platform of Pikahsow. So here are some reasons that let you decide why you choose the pikashow platform for the downloading of your favourite movies or videos etc.

Vast Content

Pikashow has vast content through which you can find out the media of your demand easily whether it is from any platform like Netflix, Hulu, Hot star, Amazon Prime, etc.

Compromise on Quality and media

Unlike other apps of streaming, Pikashow does not compromise on the quality of the media as it provides the same content or downloads the same video as given on the app.

Video Quality

Downloading through Pikashow allows the user to download his favourite media in top-quality video formats such as 720p, 1080p,2160p, etc.

Subtitle supported

Another reason for downloading through this app is that it give subtitle support which helps the user to watch movies or video in the subtitle support of their native language.

Single click downloading

Downloading through the Pikashow is not rocket science. You can just start downloading your favourite video or movies with just one click.

Single Click download in PikaShow

Latest media collection

Pikashow keeps the user updated with the newly trending movies including the latest released, upcoming, and old as well. Downloading through pikashow keeps the user updated and in touch with the trends of the market.

Free Downloading

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Procedure of Download movies and videos from PikaShow

Here are the detailed instructions to download the media through Pikashow. You just have to follow these easy steps and you’ll get what you want,

  • First download and install the IDM downloader through the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Open the Pikashow app.
  • Go to the movies and Video section.
  • Select the movie you want to download.
  • Watch an ad for a few seconds.
  • Now, Click on the download button to initiate the downloading,
  • Now go to the downloading page.
  • Click on download IDM,
  • A command pop-up will appear,
  • Click on the download and the download starts.

Downloading problems through Pikashow:-

With its such an easy method of downloading there is still issues faced by their valuable users. Here are the frequently determined issues faced by the users regarding downloading the media.

Slow down the downloading server:-

Pikashow is facilitating a large number of users at the same time, so it will cause a bit more difficulty for the developers to catch all the demands of their users and fulfill them at the same time when the traffic is high on Pikashow the developers in order to manage the traffic of their user slow down the downloading servers of the Pikashow.

Geographical restrictions:-

There are some areas where third-party apps are restricted and downloading content through these apps is prohibited as well. This issue can be sorted out with the help of a VPN server which temporarily redirects your server to other countries through which you can download the content you want.

Errors and pop-ups:-

Sometimes the user may face some errors regarding downloading through Pikashow like error downloading / Unknown source error/server error etc. This will happen due to several reasons such as not having a stable internet connection or traffic on the app etc.

How to tackle the server down glitches during downloading:-

In order to get safe from the glitches of the app you should just have to check out for these issues;

Internet source:-

If you are facing a problem, check for your stable internet connection and then retry again after establishing the connection with a good speed.

VPN server:-

If you face the problem of the server down or area restriction issues. Use the high-rated VPN to boost the downloading and downloading in the restricted area.

Restart your device:-

If the above available options fail to resolve your issue of downloading you can restart your device which helps you to boot up your device and optimizes the internet connection as well.

Update your app:-

Sometimes, having all the possible requirements there is still some issue regarding the downloading of the media. In this case, you should check for the update of the app update the app to the latest version, and then try again for the downloading.

Update PikaShow Latest Version


Being a third-party app, it might be risky to download the media through it but if the app is downloaded from an official source then don’t worry it’s safe.

No there are no charges to add the new channels on Roku TV from different sources although there are the Roku device subscription charges that the user has to pay to use the device.


Summarizing the above discussion we can say that Pikashow is the leading best platform to download your favourite media whether it is Hollywood /Bollywood/ sport matches highlights/ documentaries etc.

Moreover, our team has researched for hours through multiple resources in order to give you very accurate information. You can add our website on the home screen shortcut or save it to the bookmarks and enable the notifications so that you i’ll be notified whenever we publish an article.